FunThe curious applications of wine for cleaning the house

The curious applications of wine for cleaning the house

The wine that we usually drink to accompany food, or simply because we like it, can also be a household cleaning element that will also be surprising given its many applications. Discover them below!

The curious applications of wine for cleaning the house

Few people resist drinking a good glass of red wine or accompanying an exquisite recipe with a little white wine , but beyond being a drink that if taken in moderation is even good for health , wine can also serve us to disinfect and to clean.

Discover below, some of the applications that wine has for cleaning the house and that we are sure will surprise you.

  • Use it as a natural disinfectant : Like baking soda , wine can be useful for disinfecting fruits and vegetables as it has the ability to kill germs from food such as salmonella and E. Coli. All you have to do is submerge the fruit or vegetables in a little wine diluted with water, let it act for a few minutes, rinse and you can eat or cook.
  • Use it to treat oil and fuel stains . They are precisely those that usually stain the floor of the terrace or garden. You can pour white wine on the stains and then rub with a stiff brush and you will see how they will disappear in a few minutes.
  • Try it as a window cleaner. Prepare a solution with a little water and a little wine and spray it on the glasses. Once you have filled the windows with the solution, you just have to pass a sheet of newspaper and dry well. The result will be perfect since you will get really clean crystals.
  • ‘Turn’ it into vinegar. You don’t have to do anything in particular. Leave half a bottle of wine open for a couple of weeks. It will automatically turn into vinegar, which you can use to clean or also to dress salads.
  • Cleaning wine stains: One of the most difficult stains to remove, wine, can be removed precisely with more wine, although yes, the stain has to be red wine and to remove it we will use white wine. You just have to spray the wine on the stain, rub, absorb the wine with a clean cloth and then wash the garment or tablecloth in the washing machine.
  • Clean the countertop: To disinfect and make the countertop like new you can also use a little wine, although it must be white since it does not leave residue and check the type of countertop since if it is granite it is better not to use the remedy since It could be stained forever.
  • Recycle it to make sauces . Finally, an idea that is not for cleaning the home but that will allow us to improve any recipe we make. Wine is in fact perfect to enrich main dishes especially if they are made from red meat, but also for example mushroom garnishes.

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