FunThe DGT warns: escaping the radars can cost you...

The DGT warns: escaping the radars can cost you 6,000 euros

The General Directorate of Traffic has become serious and this 2021 has implemented a wide range of rules for drivers: new speed limits in urban areas, higher penalties for the use of mobile phones at the wheel … The DGT does not want anyone to skip the rules, so he has issued a strong warning to all who try to escape the radars using devices that are prohibited . Through social networks, he recalled that the use of radar detectors and inhibitors is not allowed.

The fines for using this type of device can amount to 6,000 euros , nothing more and nothing less, in addition to the loss of six points of the driving license. For its part, the penalty for workshops that are dedicated to the installation of radar jammers can reach 30,000 euros.

As for the detectors that locate the radars , they are also illegal and therefore prohibited. It is considered a serious offense, and the fine is 200 euros and the loss of three points of the driving license.

What is a radar jammer? And a detector? And a warning?

It is important to be very clear about what these types of devices are.

The radar jammer is a very sophisticated device that, as its name suggests, blocks the radar action, so that it cannot measure the speed of the vehicle. It uses laser technology to evade the action of radars, both fixed and mobile. The fine can be imposed simply for carrying it in the vehicle, even if it is not being used.

As for the radar detector , it is not allowed either. It is a device that uses waves and frequencies in which the presence of speed controls is located by means of a mobile radar. Therefore, what it does is warn that there is a wave radar nearby.

As indicated by the General Directorate of Traffic, the radar warning is allowed. A device equipped with GPS that, through an application, notifies where the fixed or section radars are located based on the information that the DGT publishes on its website. It does not warn of mobile radars, only those declared by the DGT itself.

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