FunThe director of 'The Squid Game' clarifies the end...

The director of 'The Squid Game' clarifies the end of the first season

Officially ‘The Squid Game’ has become the most watched series in Netflix history, and the most incredible thing of all is that it has done so in just two weeks since its premiere. The company has made $ 900 million from South Korean fiction and, according to ‘Bloomberg’ data, 132 million people have watched at least two minutes of the series in the first three weeks. A resounding success that has given rise to numerous theories. Many fans have not been happy with the end of the first season of ‘The Squid Game’, and the director has been forced to explain why the last scene .

Alert… Spoilers!

Let’s remember how the first season of fiction ends. Gi-hun, after winning the competition, decides to go to the United States to see his daughter. However, at the last moment he turns around on the plane’s access walkway and everything is up in the air . A most controversial moment that many fans have complained about.

Hwang Dong-hyuk, director of the series , has spoken with ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ and has said the following: “The first season ended in an open way, but actually I thought it could be a good closing for the story .”

Seeing Gi-hun turn around at the last minute, what everyone thought is that he was coming back for revenge for a second season . However, Hwang Dong-hyuk seems to have other plans for the character.

The director explains that this was his way of communicating the message that no one should be carried away by the “competitive flow” of today’s society. It is a way to start thinking about the person who created the whole system and to think about whether there is anything that can be done . If so, you have to turn around and face it. The end of the first season of ‘The Squid Game’ could be interpreted as if he became aware of what is happening in the general plane: «I thought it could be a good, simple, but ambiguous way to end the story of Gi- hun .

For now Netflix has not confirmed a second installment, but everything indicates that it will do so soon. Of course, we must be patient because if it comes true, it will not be released until early 2023 .

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