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The economic rule of Formula 1 that favors Fernando Alonso

Formula 1 continues in the process of transformation with the clear objective of achieving greater equality between the teams and more even races on the asphalt. The big block of measures comes into force this winter with a view to the next season, but one of those new rules was already introduced last year: the budget cap. Fernando Alonso belongs to that group of pilots from the middle zone who, in principle, favors this rule.

“I am optimistic. We have the necessary resources. We have the commitment of Luca de Meo and Laurent Rossi . Our entire management is committed to Formula 1 . The budget cap should help because the best teams no longer have an unlimited budget. Now everyone has more or less the same financial means. Now it’s up to us to build a good car, ” Fernando Alonso analyzed in a meeting with the press.

The Formula 1 budget cap came into effect last season with a ceiling of 132 million euros per team. Now, that amount is reduced even more and the teams will only have 115 million to manage the entire season. The Asturian pilot is clear about what this money should be used for at Alpine .

“I want a faster car, with more power on the straights and more downforce in the corners. We are strong in many areas. We just need a competitive package. We have been working on it for many months and we have high hopes. We definitely have to close the gap in the engine, “asked the two-time world champion.

A “completely unknown” World Cup

At this point in the year, all teams are mired in uncertainty and it is practically impossible to make predictions about the next World Cup . “There is no data in 2020 with which we can feed the computer. So for now it’s just hope. But everyone has such hopes. 2022 will be a completely unknown territory “, acknowledges Fernando Alonso

In addition, the most veteran driver on the current grid after the retirement of Kimi Raikkonen acknowledged that the new car represents “a new and strange project for everyone.” On the horizon, the dream of Alpine hitting the nail on the head and allowing it to aspire to victories after an exciting 2021 where it once again rose to the podium. The Plan requires going step by step.

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