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The 'eye-cam' will be mandatory for all F1 drivers in 2023

Experiments with a new camera position began last year, using a tiny camera inside certain drivers’ helmets during some race weekends. This new point of view was so popular that, during the 2022 season, it is being used repeatedly during the television broadcast, providing a different approach.

However, there was a big obstacle to being able to incorporate it into all helmets. The camera used, just 8 millimeters in size and 2.5 grams in weight, has been designed by Racing Force Group , the company to which the Bell brand belongs. It is for this very reason that it had only been tested with helmets from this manufacturer and so, during this year, we will only see images from the point of view of the pilots who use these helmets.

Formula 1 wants this tiny camera to be the companion of all drivers from next year and this was announced by the F1 Commission on April 26 in a statement.

“The latest generation of helmet cams that have recently been experimented with at events have proven to be a great success. Fans are clearly reacting positively and find it a valuable addition to broadcast television.”

“Therefore, the proposal to make the helmet camera mandatory for all drivers from 2023 and to amend the technical regulations to this end was unanimously approved.”

Helmet suppliers have already begun to weigh in on this change and seem willing to accept this new imposition.

“We are ready to start testing it and we don’t expect to have any problems,” Schuberth , one of four manufacturers of helmets for F1 drivers, told in a brief statement. “We are awaiting further instructions and materials, including the camera. F1, FOM or the FIA will have to distribute a comprehensive information sheet,” the supplier requested.

Schuberth works, among others, with Max Verstappen, one of the most coveted points of view during this World Cup. In addition to being the current world champion, the camera of his main rival for this year’s championship, Charles Leclerc, has provided fans with images at the limit during the duels between the two for victories and incorporating the vision of the rival would only achieve increase the excitement even more.

What brand of helmet does each driver use in the 2022 F1 season?

Bell Schubert Arai Style
alexander albin
Fernando Alonso
Pierre Gasley
Guanyu Zhou
Lewis Hamilton
Nicholas Latifi
charles leclerc
Kevin Magnussen
lando norris
Stephen Ocon
George Russell
Carlos Sainz
Sergio Perez
Mike Schumacher
Max Verstappen
Daniel Ricciardo
yuki tsunoda
Sebastian Vettel
Valtteri Bottas
Lance Stroll

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