SportF1The F1ESTA started late: Pérez's massive show in Guadalajara

The F1ESTA started late: Pérez's massive show in Guadalajara

This Tuesday, the inhabitants of Guadalajara , Sergio Pérez’s hometown, were able to enjoy the first major event of the 2022 Formula 1 Mexican GP, a ‘showrun’ that the Red Bull team did with the local driver through the streets of the historic area from the city.

However, the F1ESTA (this is how the grand prix is known due to its character and success) did not start as expected, as the attendees had to face some delays.

Checo Pérez rode the Red Bull RB7 , the car with which Sebastian Vettel won the 2011 Formula 1 world championship, on a 2.6-kilometer circuit located on one of the main avenues of the capital of Jalisco .

Pérez’s first start appearance should have been at 10 in the local morning, but an area with wet asphalt being near a fountain delayed the start of the Mexican, while other drivers such as Benito Guerra, who disputes the WRC2 , took out their cars to the layout to help with the drying tasks.

To this incident was added that of some people who did not respect the security measures and placed themselves in prohibited areas, in addition to some drones that were flying in a prohibited area.

After that first occasion, the event took a break of almost two hours while the Austrian team made some preparations for a second attempt in which Pérez would run the RB7, but with paint on his tyres. And yes, the one hundred thousand fans (according to the organization) enjoyed the sound of Formula 1 and Checo, who rewarded their patience with some donuts (as you can see in the videos below).

This, with Red Bull, is the second exhibition that Sergio Pérez has done in his hometown after shooting in a Sauber in 2011 before his debut in the top category.

Pérez will be in Mexico City this Wednesday at various events before appearing on Thursday at the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome for the start of the media day of the Mexican Grand Prix.

Videos: Pérez’s showrun in Guadalajara


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