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The FIA will not change the rules for the porpoising of F1 yet

Prior to the Canadian Grand Prix , motorsport’s governing body issued a technical directive (TD) to teams announcing its intention to help limit the amount of car bounce out of concern for driver safety.

The FIA wanted to create an aerodynamic oscillation metric (AOM), which would help define a limit to the problem that makes cars bounce up and down.

Once the metric was established, any team that exceeded that limit would be forced to raise their body height to reduce the phenomenon of porpoising.

Any team that refused to meet the requirements and whose car continued to bounce risked exclusion from a grand prix because their car would be deemed a “dangerous build”.

The FIA began collecting data at the Canadian Grand Prix, using an in-car accelerometer to try to better understand the behavior of Formula 1 cars.

Following analysis of the data collected at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, and discussions since then with technical directors about the situation, the FIA wants to have more information before considering taking action.

That means that, at least for this weekend’s British Grand Prix, the metric is not in place and F1 teams will remain free to run their cars as they wish, bounce-heavy or not.

The second stay is over

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes W13

One of the most controversial aspects of the Canadian GP technical directive was the green light given to the teams to add a second support to reinforce the floor of their cars.

That triggered complaints from some teams that it was a violation of FIA protocols, as technical directives have no authority to change the regulations.

Furthermore, the speed with which Mercedes was able to add a second tie rod for Friday practice in Canada raised concerns that the German manufacturer had had some prior notice of the FIA’s intentions.

Mercedes eliminated the second tie the following day when it saw that it was not a step forward in performance and that a team could protest and cause its disqualification.

Although there was a possibility that the FIA managed to include in the regulations for this weekend’s Silverstone race the possibility of a second tie, in the end it has not been the case.

In fact no extra provisions will be granted to teams to help them try to get rid of the porpoising problems they have faced.

In fact, not all teams believed that the FIA had to step in and get involved in the porpoising issue.

Alfa Romeo’s on-track engineering boss, Xevi Pujolar , said: “If we want we can make the rebound not negative.”

“It depends on where you decide to set up the car. If we want to bounce like a kangaroo, we might as well do that. it”.

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