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The FIA will not give privileges to Hamilton and his jewels in Monaco

Mohammed Ben Sulayem became president of the FIA a few months ago, assuming all the responsibility that comes with being at the forefront of a change of era as big as Formula 1’s.

Race Direction was one of the first problems that Ben Sulayem had to face as soon as he landed in the governing body of the highest category and, after a series of changes, he now unconditionally supports the demand and strict application of the regulations that Niels Wittich has wanted to carry out during the first five grand prix of the season.

Although his role, along with that of Eduardo Freitas , who will make his debut in Barcelona, has been well appreciated in the paddock, some of his decisions have caused some tension.

In Melbourne, Wittich asked drivers to stop wearing jewelry behind the wheel of their cars, but none heeded the request and he was forced to harden his tone in Miami, receiving contrary remarks from Lewis Hamilton.

For Mohammed Ben Sulayem , it is about common sense, security and equality. The FIA president questioned his predecessors about the lack of application of a rule that, in fact, has existed for many years, and dismissed accusations that Hamilton would receive privileges in this respect compared to other drivers on the grid.

“After the Brazilian GP in 2021, I wished him well as he flew home,” the FIA president told the Daily Mail . “You can ask Toto Wolff how much I supported him. He was free then, because he wasn’t president. I really wanted him to win his eighth title, because records are there to be broken. People say I did what Lewis and Toto wanted by taking Michael out. Masi from there. So, I would have done that for them, and now I would do this against him, it doesn’t make sense.”

“Lewis went to see a doctor in Miami to talk about the jewelry thing, and guess what, it was a British doctor. I’m just saying there’s a rule and I’d like Lewis to be a great role model, an ambassador. That sends the right message to all the young drivers to avoid a tragedy in the future.”

“I like jewelry, I love it, but in a [race] car there is no choice. People say [this rule] hasn’t been applied before. Don’t ask me why, you can ask former presidents why not applied”.

The FIA president, therefore, confirmed that Hamilton will also have his responsibility at the Monaco GP, without privileges. Like the rest of the drivers, the Briton will be fined €50,000 in Monte Carlo if he does not comply with the rules, receiving fines of €250,000 if he continues along the same line and is a repeat offender.

“It’s up to him to decide,” Mohammed Ben Sulayem said. “There are fines that apply and there are no more. It’s like when someone speeds up on the road: you can’t stop them from doing it, but they will get a fine, even if it’s accidental. You can’t let someone break the rules because they’re a friend. There has to be a rule for everyone, and that’s it,” he concluded.

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