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The first half of F1 2022 for Sainz: first problems, then joys

After his first season as a Ferrari driver, in which he pleasantly surprised everyone and achieved what few expected, which was to beat his teammate, Charles Leclerc, the driver from Madrid faced 2022 with a lot of motivation due to the important rule change that It was an opportunity for everyone.

Carlos Sainz’s results in the 2022 Formula 1 season

Pos Pilot Points Bahrain Saudi Arabia Australia Italy United States Spain Monaco Azerbaijan Canada United Kingdom Austria France Hungary
4 Spain Carlos Sainz Jr. 144 18 /2 15 /3 5 15 /3 12 /4 18 /2 19 /2 25 /1 6 11 /5

The 2022 Formula 1 preseason for Sainz and Ferrari

Since the presentation of the new Ferrari F1-75, the sensations were very positive, largely due to a car that seemed to be very radical, unlike those presented to date, with very striking pontoons.

In the pre-season tests, Ferrari ‘s expectations grew rapidly, since from the first moment on the track, the car proved to have performance and, above all, reliability, despite porpoising problems at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

In the Bahrain tests, the rebounds seemed to decrease significantly and both Sainz and Leclerc were able to ride practically without any mishap, proving to have a constant speed that made them dream of fighting for the title many years later, something that ended up being confirmed in the first race of the season when both Cavallino drivers climbed to the top of the podium.

Would Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc manage to transform that rhythm into victories and titles?

Carlos Sainz, al volante del Ferrari F1-75 en los test de pretemporada en Bahrein

Carlos Sainz, at the wheel of the Ferrari F1-75 in the pre-season tests in Bahrain

Sainz and Ferrari’s 2022 season in F1: results, performance and more

With a great facelift in the technical and financial regulations of the highest category and after having verified during the winter tests that they were, together with Red Bull, the fastest and most solid team on the grid, Sainz ‘s objective was clear ; fight for victories for the first time in his sports career and, if the opportunity arose, be one of the candidates for the 2022 world title.

  • Sainz at the 2022 F1 Bahrain GP. In the first test of the campaign, the adaptation problem that Sainz was suffering with the new Maranello ground effect car became clear. Throughout the grand prix, he trailed Leclerc and Verstappen , but thanks to the Red Bull driver’s retirement in the race, the Spaniard finished second and minimized damage on his “most difficult weekend as a Ferrari driver”.
  • Sainz at the 2022 F1 Saudi Arabian GP. For the second time in the history of the category, the Jeddah track hosted a Formula 1 weekend and once again the driver from Madrid was outclassed. Despite this, he achieved his second podium of the course with a third place that allowed him “not to lose too many points”, his great objective at the start of 2022.
  • Sainz at the 2022 Australian GP of F1. At the third stop of the season everything got worse for #55. In qualifying, a problem with his car left him out of Q3 and that forced him to start tenth. In the race, starting from ninth position, he spun just two laps after the start and got stuck in the gravel. After the event, he acknowledged that it had been “driver error”, took the blame and admitted that he still had a lot of work to do to adapt to his new car.
  • Sainz at the 2022 F1 Emilia Romagna GP. The historic Imola track hosted the first weekend of the sprint of the campaign and Sainz made another mistake again in Saturday’s classification, an accident that made him start tenth in the sprint, where he recovered sensations after coming back to fourth place. Despite this, everything went wrong again in Sunday’s race, in which he could not even complete the first lap after an accident with Daniel Ricciardo that again left him stuck in the gravel, adding his second consecutive retirement.
Carlos Sainz abandona en Imola tras su accidente con Daniel Ricciardo

Carlos Sainz leaves Imola after his accident with Daniel Ricciardo

After Albert Park and Imola, Carlos Sainz found himself 48 points behind his teammate, a Charles Leclerc who was leading the championship at the time with much better feelings, two wins and two other podiums, beginning to win on merit own the position of “first driver” of the Italian team.

  • Sainz at the 2022 F1 Miami GP. After a week off, the Ferrari driver wanted to put the last two zeros behind him and to do so he arrived at the Miami GP with a completely renewed mentality, where he again recognized that the sensations behind the wheel of his car were still not the best, as and as demonstrated in his accident during the day on Friday. The man from Madrid was able to recover and in qualifying he achieved the second fastest time on Saturday, only behind his teammate, at 0.190 seconds. But in the race everything got complicated for Ferrari , as Max Verstappen prevailed over them, relegating the Monegasque to second place and Sainz to third, improving sensations but recognizing that he still wanted more.
  • Sainz at the 2022 Spanish GP of F1. Barcelona, where the first Formula 1 pre-season tests took place in 2022, was the setting chosen by almost all the teams to introduce their first major package of improvements, including Ferrari. Leclerc took pole, but Sainz was unable to get past third place, almost half a second behind the Monegasque, after changing his chassis due to a fuel problem. In the race, the man from Madrid made another mistake and went to the serious, falling out of the points zone, but he minimized the damage with a fourth final position in a grand prix in which his teammate left when he was comfortably leading due to a breakdown. in the Ferrari power unit.
Carlos Sainz al volante del Ferrari F1-75 en el GP de España 2022 de Fórmula 1

Carlos Sainz at the wheel of the Ferrari F1-75 in the 2022 Formula 1 Spanish GP

At this point in the season, Red Bull and Max Verstappen began to turn the tide in both the drivers’ and constructors’ championships, taking advantage of reliability issues that came out of nowhere and the mistakes of the Maranello drivers.

  • Sainz at the 2022 F1 Monaco GP. In Monaco, a track where feeling as one with the car makes a big difference, Sainz took a breather after a difficult start to the season. The #55 returned to finish behind his teammate on Saturday, but in the race, the strategies made him close to his first victory in the highest category, crossing the finish line in second place, 1,154 seconds behind Sergio Pérez. The Ferrari man explained that a bent car had prevented his victory and recognized that this weekend had been a step forward for him.
  • Sainz at the 2022 F1 Azerbaijan GP. The biggest ordeal for Ferrari came at the Baku track. On Friday, porpoising was a big problem, but on Saturday, in qualifying, a mistake in Q3 left him fourth, behind Leclerc and both Red Bulls . However, the biggest headache for the team came in the race, as two different breakdowns forced its two drivers to retire, a double abandonment that ended up tipping the balance in favor of Verstappen and also the Austrian team. Sainz described it as “one of the most difficult and frustrating moments”.
  • Sainz at the 2022 F1 Canadian GP. With Leclerc suspended for changing an engine, the Spanish driver was Ferrari ‘s only hope for the Montreal weekend. On Saturday, with the rain, Sainz tried to battle with Verstappen for pole, but a failure in the third sector left him third, behind the Dutchman and Fernando Alonso. In the race, the driver from Madrid showed his talent and again brushed against victory, crossing the finish line in second place, less than a second behind the Red Bull driver.

Despite Ferrari ‘s breakdowns and also his mistakes, the driver from Madrid said that his sensations at the wheel of the F1-75 were beginning to improve and that ended up being demonstrated two weeks later in Great Britain, where his turning point and a historic moment came both for himself and for the history of Spain in Formula 1.

  • Sainz at the 2022 F1 British GP. The weekend did not start in the best possible way, since the Maranello team changed Sainz’s chassis after locating a fault on Friday. This did not stop Sainz from being fastest in the rain at Silverstone in qualifying to his surprise, beating Verstappen and Leclerc to claim his first pole position . In the race, the Monegasque was his great rival, but largely thanks to a Safety Car with just a few laps to go, the Madrid native made history by achieving his first victory in the top category and exploded with joy in his 150th career in F1, a moment in which he was able to shake off a great deal of pressure that he had carried with him during the first ten appointments of the 2022 season.
Carlos Sainz en el podio del GP de Gran Bretaña 2022 de F1 tras su primera victoria

Carlos Sainz on the podium of the British GP 2022 F1 after his first victory

  • Sainz at the 2022 F1 Austrian GP. After writing his name in the history books of the premier class of motorsport, the Red Bull Ring hosted the second sprint format weekend of the course and Sainz started “more comfortable and confident”. In Friday’s qualifying, the Spaniard was just 0.082s off pole, but in the sprint race he lost his duel to Leclerc and finished third. In the race, the good feelings went up in smoke, moreover, literally, since Sainz’s F1-75 broke the engine and caught fire a few laps from the end, when Ferrari seemed to be heading for a double that could change the course of the race. season.
  • Sainz at the 2022 F1 French GP . After Spielberg’s engine broke, Sainz fitted a new engine to Paul Ricard and received a penalty that took him to the last finish on the starting grid, but that did not prevent the Spaniard from once again showing that his sensations at the wheel had improved. much. In qualifying he flew and in Q3 he helped his teammate to get pole position, who was left out of the race due to his own mistake, while Carlos flew again and climbed back to reach the podium positions, but after a strategy very successful, he finished fifth, with the pilot himself acknowledging that “without that pit stop it could be a podium”.
  • Sainz at the 2022 F1 Hungarian GP. The Hungaroring hosted the last race of the campaign before the summer break and Sainz was just 0.044 seconds away from George Russell’s surprising pole, Mercedes’ first in 2022. In the race, the Maranello team failed again and far from maintaining the podium, Sainz dropped to fourth after another forgettable day at Ferrari , watching his closest rival, Max Verstappen, climb from tenth to first.

Conclusions of the first part of Sainz in F1 2022: from less to more

After some positive pre-season tests, which confirmed that Ferrari could once again fight for pole positions and victories, Carlos Sainz did not have the best of starts due to his lack of confidence at the wheel of the F1-75 , which led to driving errors. that reduced their chances regarding the fight for the drivers’ title.

However, that did not stop the Spanish driver and he continued to push hard, with the aim of catching up with Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen in the shortest possible time, the drivers who were the favorites for everyone from the beginning.

Little by little, Sainz improved his sensations with the Maranello ground effect car and this was noticeable in his performances and, consequently, in his results. However, as the Spaniard improved, Ferrari seemed to be taking steps backwards, particularly in terms of reliability, leaving Sainz in the lurch several times when he seemed to have very competitive pace.

Much more adapted to the car, Sainz came close to victory several times, but for different reasons they ended up escaping him, until his turning point came at the British Grand Prix , where he got his first pole position and his first victory in the maximum motorsport category, a historic moment for him and for Spanish sport.

After that victory and despite some breakdown or setback unrelated to him that tarnished his performances, the Ferrari driver from Madrid began to show that the team could count on him and ended the first part of the season with very positive feelings, which he will try to maintain a once the summer break ends.

In detail, the numbers of Sainz’s 2022 season in Formula 1 so far

F1 2022 Great prizes



Dropouts at the points




Q3 reached Points Position
Carlos Sainz 13 9 4 9 6 1st 13 156 6th
Carlos Sainz DU

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