LivingThe funny 'Baby Yoda' hats with which newborns admitted...

The funny 'Baby Yoda' hats with which newborns admitted to the hospital receive their first Christmas

It is already becoming a tradition at the UPM Magee-Womans Hospital of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (United States): knitting fun and colorful clothes for admitted babies, in order to show their affection and lift the spirits of your families.

This year the staff of the center has made some Christmas hats with Yoda ears, so the newborns admitted to it look like a lot of fun. Undoubtedly, a beautiful initiative that helps parents live the first Christmas of their admitted child as normally as possible, taking into account that they will not be able to be in the festive and home environment that they would like.

And also, a nice memory for the photo album of the little ones, with which they will surely laugh in a few years.

Babies from another galaxy

The Baby Yoda hat is inspired by “Star Wars: The Mandalorian”, an original Disney + television series that premiered in November and has gone viral.

The newborn look was completed with funny bodysuits where you could read “I’m adorable” or “I must be happy .”

The adorable hats were crocheted by nurse Caitlin Pechin, who has used her talents on other occasions to dress babies born in the hospital.

He assures that making each one of them has taken him an hour and a half and that he does not believe that this tradition will end because “I do not plan to leave here in the near future, and even if I did, I would still continue to knit for the babies.

These original Santa Claus hats were given to the parents of the babies admitted to the UPM Magee-Womans Hospital, in an emotional Christmas party organized by the nurses so that, despite the circumstances, families could feel up close the magic of Christmas.

Photos of the party and the babies can be seen on the US hospital center’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

It’s a holiday tradition here at Magee, dressing up our babies in the nursery in festive attire. This year, these babies are out of this galaxy cute!

Publicada por UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital en Lunes, 16 de diciembre de 2019

Aren’t all babies adorable? We do not know which of them is more touching, so we add two more to help us choose. Although better to stay with everyone, right?

Chubby like the original Yoda himself

Sleeping oblivious to the cameras with his huge ears. Not ready to eat?

Photos | UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital, with permission

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