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The #GPTwitter did not make sense: chronicle, summary and results

It dawned when I was playing at the Karting Club los Santos circuit , in Los Santos de la Humosa (Madrid), but really the #GPTwitter day for the participants started on a Friday night that was eternal due to nerves, of not sleeping, of those of the emotion that keeps your eyes wide open before a big day.

At nine o’clock, as scheduled, everything was in place, including the protagonists of the races, and after the greetings, the distribution of shirts and the briefing that generated the first laughs and anecdotes, the action began.

Nico Abad’s Twitch channel started the broadcast at 09:45 a.m., with a spectacular cast of ‘casters’, formed by our two brilliant ‘Twittchers’ Mario Arroyo and Rubén Carballo together with the talented Pepetaker, Santi Torres, Monty and Nanopodio with Abend ‘s brutal work as ‘pit reporter’.

A broadcast and production carried out, and with honors, by Externa Eventos , which made the event seem completely professional with nothing to envy to any other, with different shots and cameras spread throughout the venue. And that brought together, on the aforementioned channel, almost 60,000 unique viewers.

Group 3, that of the beginners or pilots with less experience (despite the fact that the ‘illegal tests’ of the previous weeks made them accumulate a lot of mileage) started with the first classification at ten, before giving way to Group 2 and later to the headliners, Group 1.

30 cars in each session were enough to generate different incidents, track exits, spins, touches and that chaotic traffic in search of a clean lap, but which always left the same image at the end of the round: a body ache mixed with laughter remembering the battles on the track.

The qualifying sessions before the two races in each group already left a sample of the proper names that would star in the day. Our team ‘ Motorsport España ‘ took pole position in Group 3 thanks to Pabloferrerga , and also one of our team, our editor Juanjo Sáez, achieved the third starting position that would ultimately allow him to win Race 1. However, a strong accident suffered by Juanjo in Race 2 when he was leading allowed Alejandro Garnata to win a partial victory and the general, Group 3 championship, for Pablo. Garnata finished second and there was a triple tie for third place between Dins, Juanjo and Mistyx . With third place in Race 2, Adrián Fernández saved the honor of ‘Aston Karting’.

But if Juanjo’s accident was strong, that of Paula Diz was not far behind, who, with a Barça bracelet on her arm one day before her team’s defeat in the Clásico, ended up against the protections of turn 3 and had to be assisted. His name has already been attached to that part of the circuit as Tibu’s is attached to another corner.

In that Group 3 was the person who writes this (Jose Carlos de Celis) showing great regularity in the mediocre, with a 17th place in qualifying, 19th despite a good start in Race 1 and another 17th in Race 2 after being hit in the first hairpin of the circuit. Even so, the main objective was achieved, having fun, after duels with pilots of the stature of Nico Abad, El Sainzista or FormulaNewsLive .

Raw , one of the big players involved in the event, was in charge of keeping all the pilots hydrated with their BIO isotonic drinks, which they can also share at home thanks to the gift box they gave. They gave the necessary batteries between session and session to continue pushing hard! And they made all the fans of Fernando Alonso enjoy taking to the circuit a helmet of the great Asturian pilot.

Before continuing, it should be noted that beyond trophies, victories and records, what was cause for celebration at #GPTwitter was the holy communion between all those involved, demonstrating that the F1 twitter community in Spain, beyond the ‘hate’ and the quarrels in the networks, it is in real life a family.

Respect was paid to the famous streamers who participated in the races, to professional drivers such as Dani Juncadella or Roldán Rodríguez , and to myths of national sport such as JJ Hombrados , who competed in Group 2.

A Group 2 where Hoff , exalted as in the furniture fair, took pole ahead of Robert Vaz and ArturoHernnde . Robert, Alfa Romauleo driver, would be the one who, from second position, would dominate Race 1 with an iron fist, with Hoff in second place, Arturo in third and a fast and combative Emma in fourth, ahead of Dani Liro . Precisely Dani Liro, one of the organizers of the Twitter GP and son of the master who created the trophies (replicas of the mythical Piston Cup, one last), took advantage of the fact that the second round was with an inverted grid among the top 15 classifieds to win , escorted by Arturo (Group 2 champion by 3 points, who started 13th) and by Victor Abad .

Thus, ‘1, 2, 3 PROGRESS!’ he won Group 2 with Arturo, in which our director Jacobo Vega suffered two unfortunate races that did not allow him to finish beyond 17th place.

And Group 1 was missing, that of the TOP, where the organizer of the event, Hales , was the absolute dominator with pole position, victory in Race 1 and, from the 15th starting position in Race 2 with an inverted grid, podium in that second sleeve. That gave the title to the driver of ‘La Vall Racing EQEE’ the first place overall ahead of KristianK and Néstor García , who won Race 2 ahead of Yayo .

Those results gave the team title to ‘La Vall Racing EQEE’ ( where in addition to Hales and Yayo were Bea Petirrojo, Héctor Gómez, Carlos Sánchez and Victor Abad ). Behind them there was an incredible equality that ended up leaving ‘1, 2, 3 ¡AVANCES’ (by Roldán Rodríguez, Miguel Portillo, Hoff, Arturo, El Sainzista and Tibu ) in second place, just one point ahead of ‘Peepo Karting Team’ ( KristianK, PabloLópez, Heikki, Borja Zazo, Juanjo Sáez and Sergio Rossell ) and two ahead of the fourth classified, ‘Alfa Mauleo’ ( Javi Martínez, Elías, Felipe, Robert, Pablo Skirivas and BatteryVoltas ).

After the races and the trophy delivery ceremony, it was time for the food courtesy of another of the sponsors, and the draw for various prizes contributed by the companies that helped take this event to the top.

An event that will have continuity and to which, after the success of this edition, many people will want to join. Because what we experienced in Los Santos this Saturday was historic, it was… absolute nonsense. Congratulations to Alex, Óscar and everyone who made it possible.

Watch the #GPTwitter repeated here: classifications, races, interviews and more


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