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The great absences of E3 2021 and what we know about their current status

We have attended an E3 2021 of missing names that, despite assuming that their paw would appear, hopes have ended up disappearing in our hands. To remember everything we have missed and know where its developments are, we have prepared this review with the great absences of E3 2021 .


We know that Obsidian is hand in hand with Grounded and Avowed , but although the first did have a place in the conference, the spiritual sequel to Pillars of Eternity did not have that honor. From the study they assure that everything is going well and that we will see it soon, while rumors and leaks speak of a launch in late 2022 or early 2023.

Bayonetta 3

December 2017. That was the first moment in which we were able to know the existence of Bayonetta 3 , but since then the promotion of the project has been in a worrying limbo. Other Platinum projects such as Babylon’s Fall have passed ahead, and the latest messages from Kamiya’s study suggest that it is the distributor, in this case Nintendo, which would be delaying the publication of news.

Beyond Good & Evil 2

Of those that at E3 were neither there nor expected. Beyond Good & Evil 2 aims to be one of those mammoth projects that was announced much earlier than it should and, although Ubisoft acknowledges that the game is progressing well and at a good pace, sources close to the company assure that it is still in a very early development phase.

Call of Duty

The one at E3 is an appointment that Call of Duty did not use to miss, but in recent years it has been erased from the fair in favor of its own events. Here we can only cling to rumors and alleged leaks. From his hand we would say that it will be called Vanguard, which is being developed by Sledgehammer Games and that Treyarch is helping to create a zombie mode to follow the trail of updates that we have seen with the last Black Ops .

Dragon Age

Introduced at the end of last year, since then only a few concept art and fuzzy details of Dragon Age have transpired such as Bioware’s intention to create a game without multiplayer components. It’s another one of those titles that was probably announced too early.

The Elder Scrolls VI

Another that goes for a long time. The Elder Scrolls VI was announced in 2018 and its status has never been heard from again. It is fair to admit that we were alerted to the need to wait for him sitting down and that he would arrive after Starfield, what is necessary to shape a project of the scale they promise from Bethesda. It will have the same Starfield engine and will be a huge leap from the last installment.


Rare has the Everwild oven, but since its announcement voices have started to appear assuring that perhaps the oven has been more off than on. Specifically, there is talk of a restart of development motivated by the arrival of a new creative director after the resignation of the previous one.


We took it for granted that Playground would be on top of the project and maybe that’s why the appearance of a new Forza Horizon was so surprising, but Fable plays long term and will not be available, they say, until 2023. There seems to be no problems with development, it just goes at your own pace.

Final Fantasy XVI

Square Enix had many assets ahead of E3 and, part of the public’s discontent, comes from having left projects like Final Fantasy XVI at home . It is another of those that were confirmed as a longer development than normal, and taking into account what that means in this saga, it seems advisable not to think much about it for a couple of years.


The formerly known as Project Athia showed the paw recently and even ventured that it would arrive in 2022. His pulse has not been taken since then and his absence at this E3 has raised alarms about the possibility of a delay that would not sound unreasonable. It’s time to cross your fingers and that, as a PS5 exclusive, the absence of Forspoken is up to Sony and future events of their own.

Forza Motosport

The return of Forza Motorsport aimed to be one of Microsoft’s great assets for this first installment of its new consoles, but finally it was Forza Horizon 5 that has saved the ballot of the mythical Microsoft saga. We know little to nothing about development, but the fact that Turn 10 Studios continues to search for key positions with recent job offers does not invite hope.

Indiana Jones

We know the right thing about the new Indiana Jones video game and the rest of the gaps we can fill in with the obvious. Behind its development are Bethesda and MachineGames , the studio behind the latest Wolfenstein, but there is no more data on it. That his presentation was made before announcing the purchase of Microsoft seems to give wings to those who trust to see the game on other platforms.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Here’s another rare case like the most. Anyone would think that an E3 is the perfect event to talk about something like Pokémon Legends: Arceus , but from Nintendo they seem to have wanted to avoid overshadowing other projects. In any case, it is rare, considering that we are only half a year away from its launch. It will arrive on January 28, 2022 .

Metroid Prime 4

It was not unreasonable to think that the reboots of the Metroid Prime 4 development by Retro Studios would end up affecting a project that has been stumbling since its announcement in 2017. From Nintendo they say they are working hard on development, but there is not much more than scratch off his airtight work.

Perfect Dark

Another that cries out for a good chair in order to endure the wait is Perfect Dark . A few weeks ago it was asked to fill designer gaps in The Initiative game and, seeing that what was shown was a mere cinematic, the announcement of last year should be taken with all the calm in the world.


Capcom’s surprising insanity with Pragmata is another one of those surprising cases whose current situation is a mystery. The Japanese said to wait for him with open arms for 2022, but he ended up backing down due to the pandemic and took the game until 2023 with which the company’s silence seems more logical.

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II

What is undoubtedly another of Microsoft’s great assets, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II , will appear sooner rather than later, specifically during the Xbox Games Showcase that will be held today at 7:00 p.m. We will see what they are told from Ninja Theory .

Skate 4

It would not have been bad for EA to dedicate some love to the recently announced Skate 4 , but the thing was only in Battlefield 2042 and we do not know when there will be room for the ollies at the stroke of a joystick. Its launch status or window is unknown.

Skull & Bones

Skull & Bones is another of those developments that Ubisoft has become entrenched in. Close sources assure that he has returned to the design table on more than a few occasions and that it has nothing to do with what was shown about him in 2017 and 2018. The last we know about him is that he would have turned towards a concept more similar to from Sea of Thieves.

Star Wars

Even the doorman in your building is making a Star Wars game, a license that is now in the hands of studios like EA or Ubisoft. The agreement with the former does not end until 2023, so it is not unreasonable to think that it will take a long time to see what is cooking.

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