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The heat wave 'cooks' hundreds of clams on a US beach.

The American company Hama Hama Oysters has published images taken on one of its farms near the Hood Canal, showing a beach littered with open shells and mollusks killed by the high temperatures.

Temperatures, which exceeded 49 ° C, caused blackouts, deaths and cooked clams on a Washington state beach. Clam beds are filled with open shells and dead clams baked to death from the heat.

Something never seen

Images from the clam graveyard show dozens, perhaps hundreds, of empty shells strewn across the beach, all split open from heat stress. Experts suspect that sea creatures have also been affected.

The historic heat wave affects parts of Canada, Oregon and Washington, where temperatures topped a record high of nearly 50 ° C, as well as the Great North Basin, northern Idaho, and parts of northwestern Nevada and northern California. The heat wave is caused by a high pressure jet stream that traps warm weather.

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