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"The intention of Honda and Espargaró is to continue together in the future"

Pol Espargaró is entering his second season at the Repsol Honda team, which he joined in 2021 after four years at KTM. The contract between the Spanish rider and the Japanese factory line-up concludes at the end of this year, and for the time being, as far as is known, no negotiations have begun for a hypothetical renewal.

The youngest of the Espargarós starred in the 2020 rider market, as his signing for Honda was revealed before starting his last season with KTM, an advance that is not in sight when signing a second contract with HRC.

“The situation is very simple, we continue to have the full confidence of the team, especially with the role Pol played at the end of last season, in the last three races,” explains Homer Bosch , the driver’s representative in conversation with Motorsport. com .

“Unfortunately (the last race in) Valencia did not end as we expected, I think I would have had a very good result, just like in Portimao , if it hadn’t been for the red flag, and we came from a podium ( Emilia Romagna ), so the sensations of the end of the season are ideal”, he maintains.

“From here on, the team tells us that they have full confidence in Pol, that they are going to give him all the support, that we are going to start the season and that Honda’s goal is that the riders they have today are the that can work.”

However, in recent weeks it has been possible to read about a supposed interest from Honda in riders such as Fabio Quartararo and, above all, Joan Mir .

“We have been able to read some rumours, but the reality is that we do not have any information about it, nobody has told us anything, therefore they are issues that other representatives may be using as a strategy,” he warns.

On behalf of the rider, his manager assures that Espargaró ‘s motivation is to continue racing with Honda.

“For our part, the objective is clear: Pol wants to be on this bike to win and we hope that the Honda will be a bike to be at the front. If we also see that, fortunately, Marc Márquez recovers well, which is what we all want, because when he is on the track all the other drivers put one more point, better than better”.

For Espargaró, that Márquez is recovered and at his best level is good news.

“Absolutely, Pol wants to win with Marc on the track and his desire is to be able to compete and fight with him in the races. Marc knows this bike very well and the faster he goes, the more Pol is going to improve”, he points out.

Although the purpose of continuing with Honda is clear to Espargaró, at the moment it does not seem that negotiations have begun.

“We haven’t talked about the renewal issue yet,” says Bosch . “I think it doesn’t make sense to do it, not only in our case, in general any team. You have to start the season, see what eight Ducati do on the track, see how the Honda is doing and, from there, it’s planned”.

It would seem that, unlike other years, the driver market is a bit stagnant at this point in the year.

“If you read statements from some representatives, you would say that before the start of the preseason there would already be a signed driver, but at the moment I don’t see anything. I suspect that it will wait for the first three or four races and when we arrive in Europe (end of April) It will put thread to the needle . Before?

“For our part and that of the team, the intention is to continue, from here what can happen? Many things, obviously, in life there is nothing written. Depending on how the season starts and the first races go , each other will make decisions. But if you ask me now, the intention of both parties is to continue. It would not make any sense to change a rider who is starting to do well with a motorcycle”.

“With Marc’s recovery, the team is now on a positive note. It makes more sense to continue along these lines than to try something new that you don’t know how it’s going to work. The Honda needs an adaptation process that Pol didn’t have, and for the one that any pilot who arrives has to pass”, warns the representative of Polyccio .

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