SportF1The list of drivers' penalty points in F1 2022

The list of drivers' penalty points in F1 2022

Current table of Formula 1 drivers’ Super License penalty points

Pilot Team 2022
next expiration
7 Netherlands Max Verstappen Austria Red Bull 12.09.2022 (2)
Canada Lance Stroll United Kingdom Aston Martin 01.08.2022 (1)

Japan Yuki Tsunoda

Spain Fernando Alonso

Italy AlphaTauri

France Alpine

14.11.2022 (2)

10.10.2022 (2)

5 France Esteban Ocon France Alpine 12.09.2022 (1)
Thailand Alexander Albon United Kingdom Williams 27.03.2023 (2)

France Pierre Gasly

Italy AlphaTauri

10.10.2022 (2)

3 Finland Valtteri Bottas Switzerland Alfa Romeo 01.08.2022 (1)
2 United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton Germany Mercedes 18.07.2022 (2)
Australia Daniel Ricciardo United Kingdom McLaren 26.03.2023 (1)
Denmark Kevin Magnussen United States Haas 08.05.2023 (2)
1 United Kingdom George Russell Germany Mercedes 17.07.2022 (1)
Mexico Sergio Perez Austria Red Bull 12.09.2022 (1)
Russian Federation Nikita Mazepin 12.09.2022 (1)
Italy Antonio Giovinazzi 09/12/2022 (1)
Canada Nicholas Latifi United Kingdom Williams 12.06.2023 (1)
China Guanyu Zhou Switzerland Alfa Romeo 27.03.2023 (1)
0 Monaco Charles Leclerc Italy Ferrari
Spain Carlos Sainz Italy Ferrari
Germany Nico Hülkenberg United Kingdom Aston Martin
United Kingdom Lando Norris United Kingdom McLaren
Germany Sebastian Vettel United Kingdom Aston Martin
Germany Mick Schumacher United States Haas

What are the penalty points on the F1 drivers license? penalty points

The so-called “penalty points” currently play an important role in Formula 1. In addition to race penalties, drivers can receive points for violations involving points that will be added to their record and that, when 12 in a period of one year, prohibits them from participating in a race.

The system was introduced a few years ago with the aim of putting a visible limit on problem drivers. The first to have been expelled from a race was Romain Grosjean, after the serious accident caused in that 2012 in the first corner of Spa-Francorchamps.

The accumulation of points can be due to collisions in the race, shortcuts, ignoring race flags or other infractions… Of course, no driver has yet managed to reach 12 points since the beginning of this initiative.

Several have been left at the gates, but since those points are recovered 12 months after an infraction, no one has reached exclusion.

Sports regulations, article 4.2 that talks about sanctions and penalties for drivers:

Whenever a penalty is imposed in accordance with the International Sporting Code or Article 38.3, Formula 1 stewards may add penalty points to drivers’ super licences. Alternatives to penalty points are reprimands or fines.

As soon as a driver’s penalty points have increased to 12, his super license is suspended for the next event. At the same time, the 12 penalty points are canceled and he would start over from 0 when he rejoins the race.

Penalty points remain on the super license for twelve months, expiring after that period.

Complete summary of current penalty points in Formula 1

Pilot Total Points Big prize Infringement expire

Netherlands Verstappen

7 2 Italy accident 12.09.2022
two qatar Advantage when going off track 21.11.2022
1 Saudi Arabia Ignore double yellow flags 05.12.2022
two Saudi Arabia Accident 05.12.2022

Mexico Perez

1 1 Italy Advantage when going off track


United Kingdom hamilton

two two Britain Accident 07.18.2022

United Kingdom Russell

1 1 Britain Accident 07.17.2022

Monaco Leclerc


Spain Sainz


Australia Ricciardo

two 1 Saudi Arabia Block an opponent 26.03.2023
1 Miami Advantage when going off track 08.05.2023

United Kingdom Norris


Spain Alonso

6 two Turkey accident 10.10.2022
two Miami Accident 08.05.2023
1 Miami Advantage when going off track 08.05.2023
1 Canada address changes 06.19.2023

France Or with

5 1 Italy Accident 12.09.2022
two Bahrain Accident 20.03.2023
1 Monaco Accident 05.29.2023

France gasly










Japan Tsunoda

6 two Sao Paulo accident 11.14.2022
two Saudi Arabia Accident 05.12.2022
two Britain Accident 03.07.2023

Germany Vettel


Canada Stroll

7 two Hungary Accident 01.08.2022
two Russia Accident 26.09.2022
two Australia Accident 09.04.2023
1 Australia Change of address 10.04.2023

Germany Hulkenberg


Canada Latifi

1 1 Azerbaijan Ignore blue flags 12.06.2023

Thailand Albon





Saudi Arabia




Advantage when going off track

Advantage when going off track




China zhou

1 1 Saudi Arabia Advantage when going off track 27.03.2023

Finland boots

3 two Hungary Accident 01.08.2022
1 qatar ignore yellow flag 21.11.2022

Denmark Magnussen

2 2 Miami Accident 08.05.2023

Germany Mick Schumacher

Drivers with penalty points who are not in F1 2022

Italy Giovinazzi

1 1 Italy Regreso I chase the track 12.09.2022

Russian Federation Mazepin

1 1 Italy Accident 12.09.2022

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