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The most addictive video games in history

Since 1958 with the first video game invented by physicist William Higinbotham who created a table tennis-like game called Tennis for Two that was played on an oscilloscope (far from what would be today’s consoles or computers), the field of video games it has undergone an enormous evolution. Video game design, especially, has progressed to such an advanced stage that some characters seem almost lifelike, and even video games are used today as a way to teach and practice skills. With so many open sides and so many gambling possibilities, the industry generates billions of euros every year around the world.

Thus, today video games are used in multiple media and for innumerable purposes. Logic games, for example, are played to improve brain elasticity, and people of many age groups have used the Nintendo Wii, released in 2008, to maintain an active lifestyle – Ring Fit Adventure for Switch hopes to outperform. this post-Wii era -…


It is impossible to predict the new and exciting ways in which video games will be incorporated into our daily lives, but the evolution in this world is unstoppable and its presence more and more palpable.

It is not surprising that some of these video games have become, throughout history, one of the most striking elements of all times. Really addictive games; video game
to those who, you just can’t stop playing . And for that reason they are not simple or really easy games. It doesn’t have to.


Some games have succeeded thanks to their recognized ingenuity that has left us glued to the screen without being aware of the passage of time. Surely more than one of our readers spent hours “hooked” on the Tetris pieces or even jumping and trying mushrooms in the successful Super Mario platformer.


Here you will find some of those games that have made our imagination fly and merge with a virtual universe in which it seemed that hours did not pass. These are the most addictive of all time.


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