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The most common serious mistakes you make when training your dog


The three behaviors that most concern new owners

  1. Let him pee and poop outside the house: 2-3 month old dogs have the need to eliminate a large number of times a day. So, if a puppy has just arrived at your home, you have a whole challenge ahead of you that involves hours of surveillance.
  2. Let him obey : the dream of anyone who decides to share part of their life with a dog is to enjoy walks and leisure together. No one imagines always walking with their dog on a leash or desperately running after him to catch him if he doesn’t pay attention.
  3. That does not have aggressive behavior: nobody likes to have a dog that constantly barks at other dogs or people who pass by on the street. And much less, one that fights or bites visitors. In order to avoid this, in general, almost all new owners know the importance of socializing their dog from when he is a puppy. However, serious mistakes are still made that can lead to the opposite effect.

Improvisation: a common mistake that can be avoided

Unless you have rescued an animal from the street, the most usual thing is that, if you decide to incorporate a dog into your family, you know the date of its arrival some time in advance.

Carry out a small introductory course on coexistence and knowledge of the species, which allows you to anticipate the problems that, yes or yes, you will have to face; It is the best action you can take to start your puppy’s education off right.

The common thought of going to a professional only when there are problems is a big mistake.

First, because prevention is much better than cure and second, because, in most cases, bad learning will always remain in the dog, even if it is a low percentage.

Common mistakes when teaching your dog to pee and poop where it belongs

  • Scold him when he doesn’t do it in the underpad : from rubbing his snout with the underpad, to yelling a resounding “no” at him from a distance. None of these options will lead you to success.
    With the first, you will only get your puppy to associate the underpad with an unpleasant and negative moment for him. The reaction that he will have from that moment will be either to break it out of anxiety or to avoid approaching.
    If you yell a resounding no in the distance every time you see how he bends down to do it on the floor of your house, or you find a pee or a poop out of place, your dog will only understand that the presence of droppings only brings trouble with you. With this idea, he will either choose to hide from your sight whenever he feels like it, he will eat his stools immediately to avoid your anger.
  • Prolonging the walks too much so that he finally relieves himself outside : after a whole month doing everything at home, for some dogs it is difficult to understand that the new place is the street. Therefore, they can wait until they get home and endure a lot while they are out for a walk. Extending this walk can make them endure more and more, but on the street instead of at home.


Common mistakes when you want to get your dog to obey you

  • Release him without security : there are infinite stimuli on public roads. Letting your dog loose without having tried in quiet areas progressively and observing how it reacts in different situations can be very expensive. Always release with safety and knowledge.
  • Tie him up whenever he comes home : dogs want to have fun, which is a great tool for training them as giving him access to this freedom serves as a reinforcement. However, if you just call him to tie him up and go home, you will be inadvertently punishing the behavior of coming and he will stop coming.
  • Do not reward him when he approaches spontaneously : Showing your dog that you like his approach will make him repeat it more often.

Common mistakes when you want to avoid aggressiveness in your dog

  • Approach Every Dog You See – New owners’ urges to socialize their puppies, as well as satisfy their dog’s urge to greet every dog they see, are misguided. On the one hand, they can make the visiting dog uncomfortable and make him react badly.
    But, in addition, your dog will learn to pull on the leash to get where he wants and will not be able to accept frustration. This is tolerating that you can’t always get what you want.
  • Always feed him after us : the false idea that the leader of the pack eats first will only make your dog, hungrier, not stop asking for and stealing food from your table.
  • Take away his food bowl or bother him while he eats : So the only thing you are going to generate is anxiety and stress in front of your dog’s food bowl. This can lead to biting and resource protection issues. It is more convenient for your dog to be aware that it is your hand that gives him the food instead of taking it away.

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