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The most creative photographs of wildlife

Hosted by wildlife photographers Rohit Varma and Kalyan Varma, this competition, Nature inFocus Photography Contest 2021 , honors photographers who document unique moments in natural history and critical conservation issues.

“The Nature InFocus Film and Photography Contest is more than just a contest. It’s about inspiring people to do more with their cameras. Thinking beyond the ordinary, making images and movies that stand out and can drive action. Even with the pandemic, year after year, we have seen a growth in the number of participants and submissions for the contest. Today’s contest receives entries not only from India but from all over the world . It has become a truly international competition! ”Say the organizers.

Andy Rouse, an award-winning wildlife photographer, who was one of this year’s jurors, found the entire experience very rewarding. “I am a huge fan of India and its exceptional biodiversity and I was truly honored when asked to enter this contest. And wow, what a great collection of images! It was fantastic to see the true breadth of the diversity of Indian wildlife and the incredible skill with which the photographers have taken their pictures. The young photographers section, in particular, was inspiring to behold. After all, they are the future of wildlife photography and our planet . “

This year, the contest received around 18,000 images from more than 2,000 competing photographers in 40 countries around the globe. With great effort, the organizers were finally able to select the winning entries from six different categories.

Nature inFocus photography contest winners included: Mohammad Murad won the Animal Portraits category, Priyanka Rahut Mitra won the Animal Behavior category, Prathamesh Ghadekar won the Creative Nature Photography category, Lakshitha Karunarathna won the Wild Landscape and Animals category in the habitat and the Conservation Issues category went to Mahisin Khan. Anagha Mohan, who is 15 years old, won the Young Photographer of the Year title.

These are the selected images!

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