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The most popular baby names in Castilla y León for boys and girls (and their meaning)

We continue with the list of the most popular baby names by autonomous community, thanks to the data provided by the INE ( National Institute of Statistics ).

This time, we are going with the most popular baby names in Castilla y León for boys and girls; As always, we comment on the origin and meaning of each of them. You will see how beautiful some of them are!

Most popular boy names in Castilla y León

  1. Martín : comes from the Latin proper name Martinus , which is collected as a family name in Roman imperial times. It is the adjectival form derived from Mars, Martis, the Roman god of war, and means “belonging to or relating to Mars” .
  2. Mateo : it is a name of Hebrew origin that means “the great gift of God”, or “gift of God “.
  3. Hugo : comes from the Frankish Germanic Hug or Hugo , which was declined in medieval Latin as Hugo, -onis. Its meaning: “sanity, intelligence, thought.”
  4. Lucas : also a very nice name that comes from the Latin Lucas , and from the Hellenistic Greek or ecclesiastical Greek Loukâs. It means “the great Lūcĭus”, and in turn, this Latin name means “the one who stands out for his brilliance”, “the one who was born at dawn” .
  5. Daniel : its origin is Hebrew and biblical. It comes from Dan , meaning “judge or justice” and el , which is short for Elohim, “God.” It means “God is my judge”.
  1. Paul :derives from the Latin adjective paulus , meaning ” little ” or “man of humility” It is common in the Christian world because it relates to the Apostle Paul or Paul of Tarsus.
  2. Hadrian : its origin is Latin ( Hadrianus ), and means “inhabitant of Hadria”, “one who comes from the Adriatic Sea”.
  3. Alexander : comes from the Greek Αλέξανδρος ( Alexander ), and means “the defender”, “the protector” or “the savior of the male”.
  4. Leo : comes from the ancient term λέων, which makes reference to this feline animal. Its meaning is linked to the symbolism of the lion , a fierce, strong, savage and powerful animal.
  5. Mario : comes from the Latin Marius, and its meaning comes from Roman “Mars, the god of war”.

Daniel and Pablo: also popular in Spain

As we have seen, Daniel and Pablo are names that are in the Top 10 of the most popular names for babies in Castilla y León; in turn, and if we compare it with names at a national level, Daniel is the ninth most frequent name in Spain , and Pablo is in position 19.

Most popular girl names in Castilla y León

  1. Lucía : of Latin origin, it means “bright”, “luminous”, “light” or “the one that is born at the first light of day”. It was given in ancient times to girls born with the first light of morning. He derives from Lucius , much like his male form Lucio.
  2. Sofia : comes from the Greek (Σoφíα), and means “the one who has wisdom “.
  3. Valeria : of Latin origin, it means “brave woman”, “the one who fights bravely” or “healthy and courageous woman” .
  4. Martina : of Latin origin, it is the female version of Martin, and comes from Mars ( Martius or Martinus ), which means “Mars, God of war”. Therefore, in feminine it would be “consecrated or related to the god Mars”.
  5. Daniela : of Hebrew origin, it comes from two words, dan (“judgment”) and el (“God”), but in the feminine, that is, God’s justice”, a quality that accompanies these girls.
  1. Vega: comes from “vaica”, a pre-Roman word, which means “flat and fertile , humid extension”.
  2. Julia: its origin is Latin, and comes from julus or iulus , which means “with soft hair, full of youth “. But for some philologists, its origin is different and they point to the archaic form Iovilios , which means “consecrated to Jupiter”.
  3. Jimena: another very nice name for a girl, which has an uncertain origin. It could come from the Basque etxey mendi , meaning “mountain house”. It is a medieval variant of Simeona and is believed to originate from Navarra.
  4. Olivia : of Latin origin, the name is a variant of olivo , meaning “fruit of the Olive Tree”, which is called “olive” in Spanish, and once macerated, “olive”.
  5. Paula: name of also Latin origin, meaning ” little ” or “minor”. In Spanish it has variants, such as Paulina and Pabla.

Lucía and Paula: popular in Castilla y León and in Spain

Lucía is among the 15 most frequent names in Spain (specifically, in position 15), and Paula is in position 22 , at the national level. Thus, they are popular names in Castilla y León for newborns and also for the general population in Spain.

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