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The most popular baby names in Madrid for boys and girls (and their meaning)

We continue with the list of the most popular baby names by autonomous community , thanks to the data provided by the INE ( National Institute of Statistics ).

This time, we are going with the most popular baby names in Madrid for boys and girls; As always, we comment on the origin and meaning of each of them.

Most popular boy names in Madrid

  1. Mateo : it is a name of Hebrew origin that means “the great gift of God”, or “gift of God”.
  2. Martín : comes from the Latin proper name Martinus , which is collected as a family name in Roman imperial times. It is the adjectival form derived from Mars, Martis, the Roman god of war, and means “belonging to or relating to Mars”.
  3. Lucas : name of Latin origin meaning “light”.
  4. Alexander : name of Greek origin. It means “the protector”, “the savior of men”
  5. Daniel : name of Hebrew and biblical origin. It comes from Dan , meaning “judge or justice” and el , which is short for Elohim, “God.” It means “God is my judge”.
  6. Hugo : comes from the Frankish Germanic Hug or Hugo , which was declined in medieval Latin as Hugo, -onis. Its meaning is “sanity, intelligence, thought”.
  7. Leo – The most popular boy’s name of the last five years. It derives from Latin and is a variant of Leon, it symbolizes the fierceness of this animal and also power and justice.
  8. Adrian : name of Latin origin ( Hadrianus ), and means “inhabitant of Hadria”, “who comes from the Adriatic Sea
  9. Diego : of Latin origin Didacus, from the Greek didakh, meaning “professor”.
  10. Pablo : of Latin origin “Paulus” which means “The youngest”.

Mateo and Martín, the two most popular names in Madrid and in the rest of Spain

Martín is currently the most used boy’s name in Spain, and as we have been analyzing for a few weeks, it is also the most chosen in most of the autonomous communities.

In Madrid, Martín ranks second in the ranking of the most popular boy’s names, behind Mateo , which is ranked number three nationally.

If we continue analyzing the top 10 most popular names in Madrid , we see that they follow the same trend as those with the most positions at the national level , except for Adrián and Diego , who occupy positions 13 and 14 respectively in the list of popular names published by the INE .

Most popular girl names in Madrid

  1. Lucía : of Latin origin “lux”, its meaning is “She who carries the light” or “She who is born of light”, in reference to girls who are born at dawn.
  2. Sofia : of Greek origin and its meaning is “wisdom” or “she who possesses wisdom”.
  3. Martina : feminine form of Martín, of Latin origin and meaning “consecrated or related to the god Mars”.
  4. Olivia: of Latin origin, the name is a variant of olivo , which means “fruit of the Olive Tree”, which in Spanish is called “olive”, and once macerated, “olive”.
  5. Paula : of Latin origin “Paulus” and variant of Paola. It means “The minor”, “The small one” or “That one of small size”.
  6. Valeria : of Latin origin and its meaning is “healthy and courageous”
  7. Emma : of Germanic origin, it means “Great”, “Strong”, “Immense”, “Powerful”.
  8. Mary : of Hebrew origin “maryam”, its meaning is “the chosen one”, “the one loved by God”.
  9. Julia : of Latin origin “Iulus”/”Iulia”, name with which the members of the Roman Julia family were identified. It means “consecrated to Jupiter”.
  10. Alba : of Latin origin, and means “Aurora”, “Dawn”, “white and shining”, “she who was born with the first light of dawn”.

Lucía, Sofía and Martina, the top 3 of the most placed in Madrid

In Madrid, Lucía is the name most chosen by parents for their girls, as it is in most of the autonomous communities. With good reason, it has been the most popular name in Spain for several years now. The top 3 of the most popular girl names in Madrid are completed by Sofía and Martina , who are also among the most popular nationally, but in reverse order.

If we compare the rest of the names in the ranking, we see that most coincide with the statistics at the national level, except for Daniela and Carla. These two names, which are in the top 10 of the most popular in Spain, are not among those preferred by parents for their babies in the community of Madrid.

In its place, the names of Olivia and Alba sound very strong, who in Madrid occupy positions 4 and 10 respectively, while in the national ranking they are in positions 12 and 18.

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