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The nice gesture of a midwife for a grandfather to meet his newborn grandson through the window

The pandemic has changed many things, and one of them is that visits to newborn babies have been suspended, leaving only parents to remain in the hospital with them.

This led to surreal encounters of grandparents and grandchildren through the glass of a window or the car window. With the desire that a grandfather has to meet and hug a grandson who has just arrived in the world!

This happened on March 31, when 19-year-old young mother Emily Schoenstein gave birth to her son Victor in a New Jersey hospital. Since no one could visit them, the midwife had the nice gesture of showing the newborn to the mother’s little sister, Molly, and her father Todd, who were waiting in the parking lot to meet the baby through the window .

Hospital protocols do not allow going to visit newborns to avoid contagion, and it is a measure that is preferable to maintain when we return home with the baby , until the situation is more controlled.

If you do, take care of all safety measures such as hand washing, mask and distance, and avoid kissing, both due to Covid and any infection that could seriously affect the baby.

Let’s think that all this will pass, that there is less left to return to normality, and that grandparents will be able to return very soon to hug their newborn grandchildren for the first time .

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