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The opinion of the MotoGP riders on the 2023 calendar

MotoGP announced on the first day of free practice for the Thai Grand Prix the provisional calendar for the 2023 course. The program introduces several hitherto unpublished countries, such as Kazakhstan or India, and eliminates others that had been indisputable in recent years, such as Aragon.

The big news and main headline is that there will be more races . 2023 will be the longest season in the history of the championship, starting on March 26 and ending on November 26, with 21 grands prix.

In addition, the transoceanic periods will be longer , with up to seven weeks away from home. Although for the spectator it is great news, for those who work in the paddock and travel with the world championship caravan it is a problem. Absences will be more pronounced, and the possibilities of combining work and family will be reduced.

And that is not a minor issue, since there are more and more pilots with family commitments . Many of them are married (Jack Miller, in fact, is getting married next weekend), and there are already several who have been encouraged to have children.

“With this calendar, my wife will change the lock on the house,” Alex Rins joked. “It will be harder, because it means a lot of time away from home,” he said. Quite a few pilots pointed out the conciliation as one of the great problems of the 2023 calendar.

Aleix Espargaró also sided with Rins: “I’m lucky that Aprilia lets me bring the family. Due to the calendar, I think more about the mechanics; I’m privileged. It’s enough for me to organize myself with my wife”. And the one from Granollers warns: “In the next 10 or 12 years, the average age of the pilots who retire will drop.”

Miguel Oliveira commented that it will be “impossible to have a social life”, and gave thanks for “being already married”. “It will be important to maintain positive inertia, in the same way that, with so many races so close together, an injury can penalize you a lot,” he added.

“It will be a very intense schedule, especially with the sprint races. The hardest part is the mental part, being away from home for so long,” added Jorge Martín.

On the other hand, other pilots with less family load were favorable to the introduction of new scenarios, although they admit that it will be hard to have so many trips. “It is important that MotoGP expands. India is very important, because it will allow the MotoGP community to grow,” said Maverick Viñales.

“I don’t have a partner or children, because I like the calendar,” said Marc Márquez, who declared himself “in favor of getting to know different cultures.” “But, for the future, you have to stay in those 21 races at most,” he settled.

Pecco Bagnaia also expressed a similar opinion: “A lot of time away from home, but I’m happy to travel to another country.”

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