LivingThe perfect thread to read when you think you're...

The perfect thread to read when you think you're doing it all wrong as a parent.

Have you ever thought about what image your children have of you? Do you know how they see you and what goes through their heads when they think of their parents? Well, a mother who works doing workshops with young children has written a thread about the things they tell them about it. Start by saying… ” If you knew with the eyes (and the heart) with which your little ones talk about how good mothers and fathers you are… All the things you say around here about how badly you do it, they would disappear … “. I confess that I have saved it to reread it every time that feeling of guilt, sometimes so frequent, knocks on the door.

I am sure that many of us overlook that children realize everything, but mainly the good things … the love that their parents lavish on them and the care they receive every day. Deep and selfless love speaks for itself, and that is precisely the feeling that unites us as parents and children.

Guilt, that feeling that sometimes does not let us enjoy parenting

And it is that there are so many factors against freeing ourselves from the feeling of guilt for not doing it “well enough”… because we don’t have time, because we are very tired and we read the story as we can, because some night dinner is not everything healthy as it should be, because the house is turned upside down, because we forgot to buy the materials for tomorrow’s costume … the list is endless and many more reasons could appear every day.

However, we do not usually keep in mind that the most important thing is always there and they see it with their innocent eyes. We should also reflect that what stays in their minds are the acts and not the material things : they don’t talk about the dolls we bought them, or the video game console, or a closet full of clothes. It is the time we share, the experiences and the acts of love that are recorded forever.

Each sentence in this thread sums up perfectly that everything we do with and for them is special… sometimes we believe that actions as normal as removing the sand from their shoes when leaving the park is something they don’t see. But yes, they do, so let’s not forget that the sum of all those little things make us special in their eyes , and that there is no love more pure, tender and sincere than the one your children have for you when they are little.

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