FunThe place where you can visit the real doll...

The place where you can visit the real doll from The Squid Game

In just a few weeks since its premiere on September 17, ‘The Squid Game’ has become a great global phenomenon. Korean fiction is on its way to becoming the most watched series in Netflix history, and one of the most iconic elements of ‘The Squid Game’ is the giant doll , the protagonist of the first game.

The synopsis of the series is very simple: 456 people with financial problems agree to participate in a round of children’s games to win a generous amount of money, without knowing that the games are life or death. The first test is one of the scariest: ‘Red light, green light’ , the South Korean equivalent of the ‘English Hideout’ that we have all played at times as children.

Well, as incredible as it may seem, the giant doll from ‘The Squid Game’ exists and can also be visited . It is the figure that is located at the entrance of a horse carriage museum called Macha Land. It is located in Jincheon-gun county, located in North Chungcheong. It is a three-hour drive from Seoul, the capital of the country. The producers of the fiction borrowed the doll from the museum and, once the filming was finished, they returned it, although it is missing a hand.

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Replica of the doll in Manila

The doll has become an icon, so Netflix has created a replica in a pedestrian crossing of a Manila shopping center to promote the series . The doll is in charge of watching that pedestrians do not cross in red, and the truth is that, judging by the video, it does it very well. If any passerby tries to cross, the doll turns and shows her red eyes.

Second season ‘The Squid Game’

Considering the excellent audience data, it will surely not take long for Netflix to confirm the second season of the fiction. Of course, if it comes true, the new episodes will not be released on Netflix until early 2023 .

As director Hwang Dong-hyuk has explained to Variety, he does not have well-developed plans for ‘The Squid Game 2’. In addition, it ensures that the simple fact of thinking about it is very tiring. Now, if he did, he would not do it alone, but would use a writers room and have experienced directors.

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