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The Prince of Monaco, key to maintaining F1, according to Rosberg

Formula 1 has yet to announce what the official calendar for the 2023 season will be like, and with the entry of new grand prix such as Qatar and Las Vegas, it remains to be seen if any appointment will come out.

From Liberty Media they hope to hold 24 tests in the next course, something that would be fulfilled with the entry of these two races, but if the South African Grand Prix finally arrives and China returns, a country that still has a contract in force, those responsible they will have to get rid of some current commitments.

It looks like Paul Ricard and Spa-Francorchamps will drop out of the Formula 1 plan, although there have also been rumors that Monaco may be in danger. A few months ago, the organizer of the appointment in the Principality explained that they were negotiating with the Great Circus to retain their place, and the main problem was the number of years that the category would visit the streets of Monaco, in addition to the obvious canon that they must pay. .

One of those who fears the small Côte d’Azur country will disappear from the Formula 1 draft calendar is Nico Rosberg, world champion in 2016 and winner of the race on the Monegasque track three times. The former German driver is aware of how difficult it is to host a top-flight motorsport event, but Monaco had some advantages.

In the past, the Automobile Club de Monaco , had one of the lowest rates on the calendar, and had a great attraction for personalities from all sectors, but the conditions of the contract have changed over the years.

The owners of Formula 1, Liberty Media , want to have more benefits to continue visiting the Principality, in addition to the fact that it is a place where races tend to lack emotion due to the complexity of overtaking, which is a priority today.

However, Nico Rosberg hopes that one of the most important people in the country will be the one to prevent Formula 1 from leaving: “The Prince [Albert II of Monaco] is intervening in the talks, they need a mediator to bring people together, Formula 1 and the Automobile Club”.

“The Prince is very involved, I hope it works, because Monaco must continue on the calendar,” said the former Mercedes, who has very good memories of his participation in the legendary event.

“This is the history of racing, and the most glamorous grand prix, it has to go on, but Monaco also needs to adjust a bit,” explained Rosberg. “Along the track, there are brands that are rivals of the Formula 1 sponsors, like watch brands, and that’s tricky, so you have to find a middle ground.”

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