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The R rating for "The Suicide Squad" Hit or miss by Warner?

Deadpool opened the door to an adult superhero cinema, as it had the R rating (a rating that only allows minors to enter under adult supervision) that executives of large productions had feared so much. These historically had avoided and tried to soften the stories of superheroes in order to make it easier to go to see the tape in theaters and not be an impediment to a higher collection. Fortunately for variety and creative freedom, the movie of the loudmouth mercenary was an absolute box office success, setting a precedent for later productions such as Logan or Joker to have the opportunity to show themselves with some realistic violence with respect to their characters. But is the R rating of The Suicide Squad good for the uncertain future universe that Warner wants for DC? Deadpool was still owned by La Fox when it began its cinematographic career, having the rights of other characters from the marvelite world such as certain X-men . With that war of rights between the companies, it was hardly going to be possible for the character of Ryan Reynolds and the avengers to cross their paths and yet, the acquisition of Fox by Disney opened the possibility that the long-awaited crossover would finally occur. On the other hand, Disney has not publicly rejected it but neither does it intend to introduce a character like Deadpool into its universe. The reason for the refusal has to do with the tone used by the different productions. Is it possible to introduce Deadpool to the MCU by adapting the tone? Yes, but the character could lose all his essence.The violence of The Suicide Squad:A problem for Warner A bit of the same thing happens to The Suicide Squad that James Gunn has about to release. Although the DC universe would be somewhat more adaptable, the truth is that the final tone set does not seem to go very hand in hand with other successful films of the company such as Aquaman. The handicap of Warner is that it does not have the solidly constructed universe that The House of Ideas does. How will Warner face the future of the DC universe? Will it do what Disney did not do with Deadpool? For now we can remember the reasons why The Gunn Squad got such recognition: “Strong violence and blood, foul language in practically the entire film, sexual references, drug use and brief graphic nudity.” This result is not surprising seeing how in the trailer the character of King Shark split a person in half.

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