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The relaxing bath of newborn twins that simulates their life inside the womb

A video has become very popular on Twitter that is not new, but it continues to cause the same tenderness as years ago when this bathing technique for newborn babies began to become known.

It is the relaxing bath of twins who have just arrived in the world, but it seems that they are still embracing just as they were inside the mother’s womb.

Thalasso Baby Bath

It is a new technique invented by the French Sonia Rochel, a childcare nurse at the Muette Clinic in Paris, which consists of giving newborn babies a relaxing bath, trying to reproduce the life they had inside the mother’s womb .

The “Thalasso Bain Bébé” , as this technique is known in France, is the result of many years of observing the needs of newborns. It is a bath that lasts between 10 and 15 minutes and is performed on babies of a few weeks, usually less than two months old.

Neither gels nor creams are used. Only water at a pleasant temperature, hands gently rocking them and relaxing music in the background. In the video we see how the water is dropped on the babies’ faces, to increase the feeling of relaxation, leaving the nose and mouth outside.

Babies don’t seem to be bothered at all, quite the opposite, they look very comfortable. In fact, it seems that they do not realize that they are outside their mother’s womb. If we imagine how the last months of pregnancy have passed, it would undoubtedly be the closest thing to what we see in the video. They are used to being next to each other, touching and sharing the same space.

The technique ends with a gentle relaxing massage, as long as the baby is willing.

The nurse warns not to reproduce the technique at home , especially due to the risk of water on the nose and mouth. But you can do it safely without placing the faucet on the baby’s face, or doing it in the head area very carefully and always with a very gentle flow of water, it can be a very pleasant experience.

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