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The things that cannot be missing in your dog's suitcase



When it comes to feeding our dog, the most appropriate, if the means of transport allows it (own vehicle), is to bring the amount of food that the animal will consume in the period of time that we are away from home.

Obviously it is not essential to carry the food… or yes! It will depend on whether it is easy to acquire it at the place of destination, on whether or not it is a specific diet that is more complicated to obtain… the best way to ensure that your food routine is fulfilled is by taking with us the food to be consumed.

And, although it is not essential either, it is more convenient to carry the food and water containers that you usually use, it is a way of ensuring your interest in food and an extra contribution to the tranquility and adaptation of the animal in its new destination: the more recognizable is all that the animal has to use, its integration will be much simpler.

As we will do with food, let’s keep in mind to incorporate your usual prizes, dental cleaning snacks…


Our dog may have the health of a healthy oak… or not…

Before any displacement, trip, we must bear in mind the importance of carrying with us the medical history of our good friend; Fortunately we can have all the information, including x-rays, ultrasounds, analytics… EVERYTHING!! on our mobile phone and thanks to your usual veterinary clinic, a clinic from which we will request the delivery of said documentation before the trip.

Medical reports can be vital in case you need to go to the vet with your dog due to a pathology or an accident.

Apart from the history, we must include in your travel suitcase the drugs that the animal may be taking, in sufficient quantity, until our return.

It would also be very useful, despite taking the drugs, to request in our clinic the prescriptions corresponding to the drugs used in case it is necessary to acquire them (loss of product)

Also in the health section, and if the season recommends it, let’s not forget the antiparasitic treatments (external and internal) that correspond to the animal.

And, of course, his first-aid kit…

A specific thermometer for the use of our non-rational friend, gauze, bandages, tweezers, scissors and some disinfectant product would be the basic equipment to act in case of need and reach a veterinary clinic to solve the existing problem.

And finally in this section, and no less important, we must incorporate, not to your suitcase, but to our mobile, the telephone number of someone, or some veterinary clinics in the area that have an emergency service.

In case of any health doubt, we can get in touch, receive the appropriate instructions, and reach the health center, so that they act accordingly.


Your brush, comb, card… your shampoo, your sun cream, your protector for the pads… your towel!!

It is important to have the usual products and materials to complete the animal’s hygiene, and more so on trips that are usually accompanied by bathing in the sea or swimming pools, walks through thick dust clouds…

And for our dear friend to be comfortably resting, as if he were in his own home, what better way than to add his bed, mat or blanket to his luggage…

Hygiene, and not only because of the external appearance, is one of the main factors to take into account to ensure the health of the animal.


And a fundamental point before moving with our good friend: bring a health card, identification card, insurance if you have it, collar/bracket, leash, muzzle if required by law, or due to behavior, health certificates in case of that are required at destination (vaccination titration)

Failure to comply with all the necessary legal requirements can be the cause of a serious and cumbersome problem, such as having to leave our animal in quarantine, or, in the worst case scenario, if we do not follow the rules required at destination, return to the point.

We must never forget in this section that the lack of knowledge of the current legislation and required at the destination of our trip, does not exempt us from its compliance, so it is FUNDAMENTAL to ensure that we meet all the necessary requirements to be with our best friend in the destination place.

In international trips we must consult with the embassy of the country to visit, located in our country, and with our embassy in destination so that they confirm the requirements to be met.

Much better if, in both cases, they provide us with the information in writing.

As we can see, our partner’s luggage, like ours, should not be left to the last minute.

Many of the issues discussed are essential to be able to enjoy the best company, without frights or stress.

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