SportF1The tire keys for the French F1 GP 2022

The tire keys for the French F1 GP 2022

After a week of rest, Formula 1 returns to the tracks for the last two races before reaching the well-deserved summer break, making its first stop at Paul Ricard . The teams and drivers will have to pay attention to the asphalt temperatures , which will be one of the key factors in the final result.

Looking ahead to the twelfth race of the season, Pirelli has chosen the following compounds:

  • C2 (the hard one, white in color)
  • C3 (middle, yellow)
  • C4 (the soft one, red in color)

Pirelli tires for the 2022 French GP of F1

  • The French layout is the closest thing to an all-inclusive hotel in F1. It features fast, straight corners that alternate with slower, more technical parts. Its width, 12 meters , allows you to choose different trajectories and facilitates overtaking, which makes this weekend an important test bench for the cars, and a real test for the drivers.
  • The Mistral straight , named after a famous French wind that can upset the aerodynamic balance of single-seaters, has the potential to cool down the front tyres. This can especially affect the Signes corner , which is the first after the straight. It is considered the most demanding of the entire circuit and is done practically thoroughly.
  • Regarding runway exits , it is essential to act with caution. The red, white and blue lines contain a high-friction material that is designed to slow cars down quickly in the event of an accident, so running over them puts tires at risk.
  • Last year’s winner Max Verstappen’s strategy was two pit stops. It was a gamble by Red Bull, as he was the only one in front to do it, but it went well and the Dutchman regained the lead one lap before the end of the race.

As usual before each race, Mario Isola , responsible for Pirelli in F1, made some comments about the tires and the circuit, after recalling that the current tires were released at Paul Ricard in 2018, hand in hand with Renault and Sergey Sirotkin.

“This year’s French Grand Prix will be even more interesting as it will take place almost a month after last year’s race, with weather conditions that are expected to be very different to the rain we had on Sunday morning.”

“In fact, a very different situation is expected, with warmer temperatures and drier weather. This year’s new generation of tires and compounds are, as we have seen so far, very different and more resistant to overheating than the 13-inch versions. inches from last year, so it will be interesting to see how this affects the strategy.”

Minimum dry tire pressures at the 2022 F1 French GP

  • Front: 24.0 psi
  • Rear: 21.5psi

Maximum tire camber at the 2022 F1 French GP

  • Front: -3.25°
  • Rear: -2.00°

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