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The viral post that points out the importance of work flexibility for families with children

Being a mother and working outside the home is something that on many occasions (if not most days) can become very complicated and full of challenges , especially because of the logistics behind to make everything work, looking for the long-awaited conciliation.

Trying to find the balance between work and family is not easy, but fortunately, more and more companies and executives understand families with children and have put on the table the importance of supporting them whenever possible.

For example, we have a publication that recently went viral, in which the vice president of a company talks about how important it is to give her employees job flexibility , especially those who have children.

On her LinkedIn profile, Megan Witherspoon has published a simple but forceful writing about the importance of work flexibility, recalling something that many companies forget: there are needs and responsibilities beyond work, and being a good employee does not depend on hours that you are inside the office.

I care that your daughter is at home with another ear infection. It does not bother me that you need to be disconnected for two hours this afternoon to be able to accompany her to her medical appointment, ” begins Megan’s writing, in which she includes other similar examples about those things that are important to families :

I care that your sick mother needs care and her center does not have enough staff to care for her. It doesn’t bother me that you need to work at your own pace between meals, medications, and visiting hours.

I care that the lack of school bus drivers means that you do not have safe transportation for your child. It doesn’t bother me if you need to report to me an hour after picking up him at school.

I care that you haven’t taken your vacation days yet, because I know you need a break. I don’t mind if it means you need to ask for help so you can disconnect and meet a deadline.

Megan lists different examples of situations that can happen, such as when children get sick or we have to attend to an important family matter, ending with the main intention of its publication:

In summary:

I care about you and the things that matter to you.

I care that you deliver quality work and have a good job performance.

I don’t care when, where or how you do your job.

In general, Megan’s post sends a message that perhaps many companies should take into account: employees do not need to be in the office all the time or adhere to rigid hours, and having to attend to family matters does not make them bad. employees .

In fact, and as has been proven on different occasions, being a listened and understood employee makes you a grateful employee , which results in a person who values their work even more and is happy in it (and I can confirm this from my own experience ).

Having labor flexibility should be an option in all companies. People have families or personal needs that sometimes take them by surprise and make it take a few hours or a day to solve them, but because of the fear of losing their job, they demand too much.

Via | Motherly

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