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These are the averages of the pilots in the F1 Manager 2022

While waiting for F1 Manager 2022 , the video game that every motorsport and Formula 1 lover is waiting for, and which will go on sale on August 30 (25 for those who have previously reserved it), new details are already known.

The company that has developed the game, Frontier, presented the ratings of the initial pilots and also of the team leaders in the new management simulation game, which is officially licensed and will be playable on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 , Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and can also be purchased on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Each driver’s overall ranking is influenced by a combination of nine performance ratings, all determined by actual racing data.

“Each performance rating is calculated using multiple data points, creating a data-driven rating spanning past performances and up to the current 2022 season.”

Rating of the Formula 1 drivers in the F1 Manager 2022

Pilot Average ranking in F1 Manager 2022
Lewis Hamilton 90
Max Verstappen 90
charles leclerc 88
Carlos Sainz 87
Sergio Perez 87
Valtteri Bottas 87
George Russell 86
lando norris 86
Fernando Alonso 85
Stephen Ocon 85
Daniel Ricciardo 84
Pierre Gasley 84
Sebastian Vettel 82
alexander albin 80
Kevin Magnussen 80
Lance Stroll 79
Guanyu Zhou 79
yuki tsunoda 77
Mike Schumacher 76
Nicholas Latifi 73

As you can see, the two drivers who played for the title in 2021, Hamilton and Verstappen , are the highest rated drivers in the game (with an average of 90), two points above the next, a Leclerc who is also being the protagonist this year in the Red Bull-Ferrari fight.

The ‘second’ swords of these two teams, Sainz and Checo Pérez , tie with 87 points, and it is striking that it is the same valuation that Bottas has. The two most promising young Britons, Norris and Russell , have an average of 86, more than the two-time world champion Alonso , who is showing a very high level this season despite his almost 41 years. In fact, the Spaniard has the same average as his teammate in Alpine, Esteban Ocon .

It is striking how far away Sebastian Vettel is from four-time world champion, with only a PIR of 82, also behind Ricciardo and Gasly , both with 84. Albon and Magnussen , with an average of 80, are the last to exceed 79, a PIR they have Stroll and Zhou . The worst F1 driver in the game, a whopping 17 points behind Hamilton and Verstappen, is Nicholas Latifi , on 73.

However, those ratings will be updated as the game progresses, to reflect the level that the players and their pilots are showing.

It is striking, however, that the highest rated reserve driver, the former Alfa Romeo Giovinazzi , has a better score than two regular drivers, while Latifi is outperformed by three other substitute drivers.

What do the ‘Pace’, ‘Consistency’ and ‘Racecraft’ values mean in F1 Manager 2022?

The average ratings have three other sections that measure the quality of the drivers in F1 Manager 2022: ‘Pace’, ‘Consistency’ and ‘Racecraft’.

The ‘Pace’ is the pace of the pilots, the pure speed of the pilot, and is measured with the following values: his ability in Corners , Braking and Reaction capacity at the wheel.

‘Consistency’ sums up the regularity of a driver, his ability to always maintain the same level. It is measured with the following values: Accuracy , Control and Smoothness , and the higher the value, the less probability of piloting error there will be.

The so-called ‘ Racecraft ‘ is the art of piloting, which allows pilots to adapt to changing conditions. It is summarized with the values Adaptability , Overtaking and Defense .

In addition, each driver has an ‘Aggressiveness’ value, which determines how likely he is to attempt an overtake, even at the risk of causing an accident in the race.

Rating of F1 reserve drivers and F2 and F3 drivers in F1 Manager 2022

Pilot Average ranking in F1 Manager 2022
Antonio Giovinazzi 78
Nico Hulkenberg 76
Oscar Piastri 75
Nyck de Vries 74
Jehan Daruvala 73
Sebastien Buemi 72
Stoffel Vandoorne 72

Jack Doohan


Frederik Vesti


Ralph Boschung


Richard Verschoor


Theo Pourchaire


Jüri Vips


Logan Sargeant


Robert Kubica

Dennis Hauger 69
Roy Nissany 68
Felipe Drugovich 68
Jack Aitken 66
Marcus Armstrong 66
Pietro Fittipaldi 66
Ayumu Iwasa 66
New Year’s Eve Williams 66
Oliver Bearman 65
Zane Maloney 64
Ollie Caldwell 64
Clement Novalak 63
Gregoire Saucy 62
Enzo Fittipaldi 61
Marino Sato 60
Cem Bolukbasi 56
Amaury Cordeel
Alexander Smolyar 59
Arthur Leclerc 59
Isack Hadjar 59
Like Crawford 59
Roman Stanek 57
Victor Martins 56
Who Maini 56
Gaius Collet 55
Kaylen Frederick 51
Francesco Pizzi 51
John Manuel Correa fifty
Franco Colapinto 50
Laszlo Toth 50
Oliver Rasmussen 48
David Vidales 47
Ido Cohen 46
Zak O’Sullivan 46
William Alatalo 44
Ayrton Simmons 44
Pepe Marti 42
Rafael Villagomez 41
Nazim Azman 41
Hunter Yeany 39
Brad Benavides 37
Reece Ushijima 37
Enzo Trulli 33
Federico Malvestiti 32

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