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These are the changes for F1 2023 that will limit porpoising

All Formula 1 teams have experienced it to a greater or lesser extent, but complaints from drivers about the safety implications of porpoising prompted the FIA to act and introduce new rules.

One of his measures, which has not pleased all the teams, is the introduction of an aerodynamic oscillation metric (AOM) from the Belgian Grand Prix. That will limit the amount of vertical movement a car can experience on tarmac.

However, it is a simple temporary measure, and changes to the technical regulations are already being worked on for 2023, so that porpoising is no longer an obstacle in the future.

Those changes were discussed at a meeting of F1’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) last week, and will now be presented to the FIA World Motor Sport Council for approval.

The proposals presented at the TAC meeting aim to limit the areas that teams can develop from the cars, lifting some of them off the ground.

One is to raise the throat of the diffuser, by a distance yet to be determined, while the edges of the flat bottom will also be raised by 25mm. Also, to make sure teams don’t flex it excessively to get around these new size restrictions, some more stringent lateral ground deflection tests will be introduced.

The FIA is also looking to take a closer look at everything, with the introduction of a more precise sensor that will help quantify the car’s aerodynamic oscillation.

To further reduce the aerodynamic problems created by the new regulations, the teams have also suggested the use of a pair of splitter sheets inside the diffuser.

2023 side view diffuser strake

Side view of a dividing sheet of the rear diffuser

This simple solution is expected to help manage flow in this area, as well as tackle the detrimental effects of ricochet and porpoising, something riders will certainly appreciate.

In many ways, the changes that have been proposed are similar to those of 2021, when the regulations were inclined to cut the floor, the wings of the brake area and the diffusers, in order to help reduce the aerodynamic potential of the part. rear of the car.

This measure was taken to save the teams from falling into their own traps, as they would have likely designed cars that put too much stress on the tyres, causing even bigger problems. Like the 2021 tweaks , these latest changes will reduce peak loads on the chassis and thereby help reduce the potential for porpoising and bounce.

That said, teams will continue to look for ways to run the car as low and stiff as possible without triggering the new aero sway metric, as performance can still be found even if the car’s ride quality is compromised.

Ferrari 2023 diffuser strake

This would be the dividing sheet of the rear diffuser of the Ferrari of 2023

The proposed regulation changes are also similar, from a calendar point of view, to those made for 2021 and will undoubtedly put immense pressure on teams to balance development with the work that has already started on the cars of the next year. For this reason, the FIA has made it clear that the proposed adjustments must be ratified by the World Motor Sport Council as soon as possible.

Making changes to these extremely sensitive areas of the car will not only undo some of the work the teams have already done on next year’s car, it will also make some of the development towards the end of this season redundant, as the gains of performance that the teams find may become irrelevant, given the differences in the regulations raised.

Also, given that most of the grid was caught off guard by the porpoising phenomenon earlier in the season, as their simulation tools didn’t indicate it was going to be a problem, it’s entirely plausible that we’ll see some teams try to take advantage . their rivals and try out new parts towards the end of the season.

This could help them understand the implications of the new regulations, just as they did when the 2020 season was drawing to a close.

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