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They auction a sapphire of 310 kgs, the largest in the world

A unique gem on the planet. It is a piece of 100 centimeters long, 72 centimeters wide and 50 centimeters long and weighs 310 kilos. It has been found in a mine in Ratnapura, the city of gems, located in the province of Sabaragamuwa, Sri Lanka .

It is a sapphire named "Queen of Asia" and was discovered about six months ago in the city of Ratnapura. It is clear that this blue rock could fetch a high price on the market, probably more than 88 million euros.

a very rare stone

Probably the largest gemstone ever found in Sri Lanka, it has been preserved in one piece as it is such a spectacular gem of such colossal size.

According to a certificate issued by the Gemological Institute of Ratnapura (GIR), tests on five samples of the entire rock found that the gem was natural corundum, which in gemology has two varieties, either ruby or sapphire (although it can also be white, green or gray).

Forbes magazine estimated that if this large sapphire were broken into small pieces, the "Queen of Asia" could fill about 1,549,016 one-carat engagement rings.

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