FunNature & AnimalThey discover a new species of bird in Spain

They discover a new species of bird in Spain

The Asturian ornithologist Daniel López Velasco has discovered a type of small owl, an alpine owl or little owl, which lives in the Alps and other areas of Europe such as the Nordic countries such as Finland, Sweden or Norway.

Since the discovery in 1987 of the boreal owl in the Pyrenees area, no other unknown species of bird had been identified, hence its discoverer has been more than excited to have found a bird never seen in Spain, with several specimens " that they are possibly breeding ”, said the expert at the premiere of Paxarinos Tv, the program dedicated to the world of birds that is broadcast through La Voz de Asturias.

The exact place of the sighting is unknown , but the environmental authorities are already at work, especially if it is the settlement of a possible population group.

What kind of species is it?

It would be the smallest species of bird of prey in Europe . Grayish-brown in color, speckled with small white markings, the alpine owl feeds on other birds and voles and, unlike other owls, it does not have remarkable night vision.

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