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"They went overboard": Brands of canned cream with less than 1% poblano pepper or mushrooms

Campbell's cream cheese only has 1% cheese, according to a new quality study from the Federal Consumer Protection Agency . But it is not the only one on the market with such a low percentage of the product that supposedly flavors this type of canned soup .

The study on canned cream soups from various brands, including Campbell's and Knor, will be published in October's Consumer Magazine .

On Twitter, Ricardo Sheffield, federal consumer attorney, advanced some of the findings of the analysis. Where they discovered "products with only 0.8% vegetables" in canned soups, the rest is made up of dairy, flavorings, among other ingredients.

Knor corn soup only has 1.4% corn, "a few grains nothing more," says Ricardo Sheffield.

Knor's Mushroom Soup is only 0.9% Mushroom.

And “Knor's super thread pastry, poblano pepper, what do you think, 0.8% poblano pepper. Now they only taught this soup the chili and that is all that touched it”.

Details will be expanded when the October Consumer Magazine is published.

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