FunThis is how the app that collects your belongings...

This is how the app that collects your belongings at your ex's house works

A romantic break is never pleasant, especially when the couple lived together. It is time to pick up the toothbrush, the clothes … And, in many cases, this is the most complicated of all. Well, to avoid this uncomfortable moment, ‘Posdates’ was born, an app that collects your ex’s belongings for you . The curious thing of all is that it started as a simple joke on social networks, but has finally become reality.

It all started when Ani Acopian joked about this service two years ago, although, as he explains, he never thought it would succeed. However, he and another friend found a third partner in January, and began investing in the project. The creators of ‘Postadates’ believe that everyone should reflect on the use of technology in today’s society and the extent to which we are relying on applications to handle the way we communicate with other people.

The operation of ‘Postdates’ is very simple: you ask them to pick up your things at your ex’s house and deliver them to you . Now, there is a very clear condition once you have hired the service: your ex has to accept the collection: “Yes, I have these things for you, I will leave them out .”

Then the couriers take care of packing and transporting all the things. Although it may seem somewhat uncomfortable, the truth is that the entire process is carried out without any contact. You don’t even need to know where your ex lives because the courier company itself takes care of contacting him.

Regarding the payment, you do not have to pay anything for the service until your ex accepts the collection .

The app that collects your belongings from your ex’s house is associated with two courier companies, ‘Airpals’ in New York and ‘Gourmet Runner’ in Los Angeles .

For now it only works in New York and Los Angeles, although, if successful, it could be extended to other cities in the United States , and even the entire world.

Finally, it should be noted that there are conflicting opinions about this application . There are those who think that it is ridiculous to pay for something that you can do for yourself, while others consider that it is a very good idea.

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