SportF1This is how the FIA checks against porpoising will...

This is how the FIA checks against porpoising will be made

The International Automobile Federation (FIA) explained through the latest technical directive TD 39/2022, that the telemetry of the cars will be analyzed to obtain data from the potentiometers during three consecutive fast laps (without the use of DRS) to detect and examine deeply the frequencies of the bounces.

Once the checks have been passed, the teams will have to freeze the values related to height, springs and shock absorbers, as well as the aerodynamic configuration. After FP3, each team will have to present proof of compliance to the FIA stewards.

The reasoning behind the new technical directive is very valid. The FIA has fulfilled the objective of being concerned about a potential safety problem, as recognized by the drivers and teams, also managing (with a clever interpretation of the rules) to force the teams to seriously face the problem.

The only contraindication for the International Automobile Federation is the inclusion in the already complex regulatory system (technical, sporting and economic) of a new additional procedure whose control does not promise to be very simple.

For the collection of data related to the rebounds caused by porpoising , each driver will be required to complete three consecutive laps (without using the DRS) at a fast and constant pace. If the FIA suspects at any point that the pace is deliberately below the car’s actual speed, the driver will have to repeat the procedure.

As we have said before, once all these checks have been successfully passed, the height values, spring and shock absorber settings, as well as the aerodynamic configuration of the car will be frozen.

At the end of the last free practice session (FP3), each team will present to the FIA ​​a kind of form containing all the parameters in question, which will obviously have to be within the limits established by the governing body of Formula 1. .

Subsequently, modifications to these parameters will be allowed as long as the qualifying conditions were different from the FP3 session. That is, if Free Practice 3 is dry and qualifying is declared as a wet session, for example, the mechanics will receive special permission to modify the settings related to the latest technical directive TD 39/2022.

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