LivingThis online store sells stuffed animals of the most...

This online store sells stuffed animals of the most famous viruses

Some viruses can be very feared and cause great panic and fear due to their effects or their ability to spread. But under the perspective of a microscope and cotton fillings, they may not seem so dangerous anymore.

The Giant Microbes online store sells versions of the main viruses and the most infectious diseases in stuffed animals with dimensions one million times their real size . There are dozens and dozens of models and you can find them with the name with which they have become popular or with their scientific name. In addition, half of his dolls are made pathogen-proof.

Although the coronavirus has not yet reached their catalog, they do offer versions of a myriad of ‘plagues’, such as cholera, Ebola, sleeping sickness, dengue fever, typhoid fever, leprosy, malaria, the black plague, the Spanish flu or the West Nile virus. Anthrax, the meat eater, gangrene, leishmania, yellow fever or the Zombie virus appear in its Exotics section.

Sexually transmitted diseases also have a section within Giant Microbes. With this cute appearance, chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, HIV, crabs, syphilis, trichomoniasis or the human papillomavirus do not seem so worrisome.

Neither could bacteria be absent. Staphylococci, Babesia, Listeria, Rotavirus, Legionella, Tuberculosis, MRSA, and Chagas or Lyme diseases have all been versioned to fill a space in the bed or on a shelf.

The page sells the stuffed animals individually for 10 euros or in thematic packs with three or four different models for about 25 euros.

Beyond viruses

Chronic diseases and pain have also been incorporated into its offer. Do you want to know what a gallstone, kidney stone, hemorrhoid, ulcer, back pain, hip or knee replacement, asthma, colitis, arthritis, diabetes, celiac disease look like? , irritable bowel syndrome or a simple headache?

The parts of the body and cells of our organism have also adapted and in the online store there are adorable stomachs, hearts, brains, intestines, kidneys, pancreas, red blood cells, leukocytes, platelets, etc.

Especially striking are the stuffed animals that this ecommerce offers and that are dedicated to cancer , breast cancer or prostate cancer, where one cell eats another, transforming into something very different.

Giant Microbes is an original way of giving a gift to a person who is dedicated to the medical or research field. In addition, it also allows you to surprise the little ones in the house and teach them science in a different way . The website ships all over the world and the products ordered in European countries would be sent from the United Kingdom.

This page of ‘cuddly’ microbes ensures that they are constantly incorporating new designs. On average they would launch a model every 6 weeks and they introduce them in groups every quarter.

Although perhaps you did not know it, Giant Microbes has been selling gifts of this type since 2002 . Its founder is Drew Oliver.

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