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This weekend's card wants to "play a game"

This weekend’s undercard takes a look back at the past. Either through the reboot of the Saw saga with Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson in Spiral as the re-release of Spirited Away, the 2001 film that returns to theaters for its 20th anniversary. The reruns of certain films that have their birthday are assiduously occupying the Spanish billboard, probably because they are attractive products due to their nostalgia and have that condition of unrepeatable event. Another reason is its cost, since the distributors do not ask the theaters the same for the premiere of a current blockbuster than for the replacement of these great films. However, this weekend’s billboard has (as we are used to) a good offer of different genres and films: “Spiral: Saw” “Spiral: Saw” (Lionsgate films) The return of Jigsaw? Imitator or disciple? Chris Rock will try to catch this murderer who seems to act as if he were the maniac with a pig mask from the previous franchise. He seems to have something personal with the protagonist, as he is eliminating one by one all the detectives from his police station. Although it will not have as many references to the saga as Rock would like, this new gore thriller promises the most original and terrifying traps. “Polyamory” “Polyamory” (Vertice films) Spanish comedies do very well at the box office, especially in these times where gender represents a form of quick and easy distraction in which young and old can enjoy and forget about their problems. Poliamor stars Karra Errejalde and Toni Acosta, two actors who do superbly in comedy. Satur (Errejalde) will help his son Manu become a love youtuber.He will fall in love with Amanda (María Pedraza), but she loves many more people … “Spirited Away” “Spirited Away” (Studio Giblhi) Spirited Away is not only Studio Giblhi’s masterpiece, it also boasts the record for being the only anime film to win the Oscar for best animated film. A story that, as is usual in Miyazaki’s works, uses various allegories to talk about pollution, loneliness and the passage to adult life. The Japanese version of Alice in Wonderland “First Cow” “First cow” (A24) The new bet of the film label A24 tells the story of a cook who is hired by some fur hunters in 1820. The protagonist will meet a Chinese immigrant (Orion Lee) and together they will forge a friendship that will help them survive. First Cow has received accolades, nominations and awards at various 2020 festivals, such as the New York Critics Circle, which established it as the best film of the year. The critics only speak well of this atypical western directed by Kelly Reichardt. “Sweat” “Sweat” (Lava Films) A proposal from European cinema that delves into the privacy totally lost by social networks, by a young fitness influencer. In the midst of success, recognition and good words, the story directed by Maguns Von Horn seeks a real, intimate and true connection.

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