FunThrillers trending on Amazon Prime Video

Thrillers trending on Amazon Prime Video

If you don’t have a plan for this weekend, how about watching some of the thriller movies that are trending on Amazon Prime Video ?


In the year 1923, in Finland, the passage of a comet caused the inhabitants of a small town to become disoriented . One woman even called the police saying that there was a man in her home who was not her husband. Several decades later, a group of friends recall what happened while waiting to see a comet pass.

Final destination 3

A high school student has a premonition about a tragedy that is about to happen at a local amusement park . Thus, he decides that he is not going to ride a roller coaster that he thinks is going to derail … But this is only the beginning of his nightmare.

Shutter Island

In the summer of 1954, bailiffs Chuck Aule and Teddy Daniels are sent to an island in Boston Harbor. They have to investigate the disappearance from the Ashecliffe mental hospital of a dangerous murderer . They will soon discover that the center hides dangerous secrets, and that the island hides something much darker and more sinister than the patients themselves.


A Spanish film with Mario Casas as the main character that is very worthwhile. Adrián Doria is a young and successful businessman who wakes up in a hotel room next to the corpse of his lover. When charged with murder, he enlists the services of the best witness preparer. They only have one night to find a reasonable doubt that frees him from going to prison.

A peaceful place

‘A Quiet Place’ is one of the best thrillers on Amazon Prime Video, 100% recommended to watch this afternoon. It revolves around the story of a family that lives in a house in the forest without making the slightest sound . And it is that, if nobody listens to them, they cannot hunt them …

The purge

In the year 2022, in a future dystopian society, there is a political regime that goes by the name of the New Foundation of the Fathers of America. As the prisons are saturated, he decides to implement an annual purge: one annual night, citizens can commit any type of crime without any punishment . Hours before it begins, James Sandin returns home with his wife and two daughters. What the family does not have is that someone is going to knock on their door.

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