NewsTina Turner hit reminds William of car trips with...

Tina Turner hit reminds William of car trips with Diana

Pop songs accompany us all through life. Now the British Prince William has revealed which songs have shaped him.

London – AC / DC for Monday morning, Tina Turner as a memory of his mother Princess Diana and Shakira for his children: Prince William (39) has given an insight into his family’s musical tastes.

He still thinks of his mother when Turner’s hit “The Best” is played, said the Queen’s grandson in an audio contribution from Apple that is to be broadcast on Monday and from which the PA news agency quoted in advance on Sunday.

Diana often sang the song loudly while driving when she drove him and brother Prince Harry to school. “Sitting in the back seat and singing felt like a real family moment,” said William. “My mother sat at the wheel singing loudly, and sometimes we even got the policeman in the car to sing along.” When he hears the song today, he thinks back to those drives and his mother. Diana was killed in a car accident in Paris in 1997.

Wake up to AC / DC

William reported that his children inherited the joy of music. Daughter Charlotte (6) currently loves “Waka Waka” by Shakira. In addition, she often dances around the house in pretty clothes with her younger brother Louis (3). In the mornings, however, there is often a dispute between Charlotte and her eldest son George (8) over who can choose the music. In the meantime, the two should take turns determining.

His own wake-up hit was “Thunderstruck” by the Australian hard rock band AC / DC, said William. Especially on Monday mornings, there is nothing better. “It wakes you up, puts you in the best possible mood for the week and you have the feeling that you can take on anything and everything.” Dpa

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