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Tips for Using ATMs in New York City

When it comes to visiting New York City, there are many things that differ from other parts of the United States, and access to automated teller machines (ATMs) is one of them.

In addition to bank locations, there are thousands of ATMs in delis (called bodegas in New York), pharmacies like Duane Reade and CVS, fast food restaurants, and many hotel lobbies throughout the city. In fact, it’s pretty rare to walk more than two or three blocks without finding an ATM in Manhattan (and much of the other boroughs).

However, if you are unfamiliar with using ATMs outside of your home state or banking institution, there are some helpful tips to use that you will find on your trip to New York City. While you won’t necessarily need cash at most restaurants and businesses, knowing how to get extra cash if you’ve spent it all at the Farmer’s Market in Union Square or a cash-only restaurant will help make your travels easier.

Withdraw cash

If you plan to use your ATM card to withdraw cash on vacation, it is always a good idea to inform your bank that you are traveling. Banks will often suspend your account if they suspect suspicious activity, especially large cash withdrawals outside of your home state.

Also be prepared to pay an ATM surcharge of $ 1 to $ 5 for the convenience of accessing your cash in addition to what your bank may charge for using an ATM outside of their network. However, ATMs located in delicatessens and fast food restaurants (especially Chinese locals) usually charge a lower fee than bars, restaurants, hotels, and concert halls.

While New York City is rumored to be a dangerous place riddled with criminals and thieves, the city really cleaned up its performance since the 1990s, and you don’t really have much to worry about in everyday life. Still, you need to consider your surroundings when using ATMs in New York City and always keep your purse or wallet in mind when traveling.

When taking money out of an ATM, it’s generally a good idea, according to NYC Police, to cover your hand by entering your secret PIN number and save your cash before exiting the machine. You should also use caution when using ATMs – keep an eye out for suspicious people and choose a different nearby ATM if you feel unsafe.

Other useful tips

In addition to withdrawing money from ATMs, there are a few ways to avoid the convenience fee and bank surcharge in New York City. Some grocery stores and pharmacies, as well as the US Post Office, will allow you to get a cash refund with a purchase on your ATM card; however, many of these establishments have a $ 50 to $ 100 limit for cash reimbursement.

Fortunately, you really shouldn’t need to withdraw cash from a deli ATM if your bank has a New York City location, or even an ATM location, as many do. Popular banks like Bank of America, Chase, and Wells Fargo have separate bank branches and ATMs everywhere in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Also, most restaurants, shops, and even some street vendors accept credit or debit card payments, so you probably won’t need to use cash anyway.

If you are an international traveler visiting New York City, there are a few things to keep in mind when trying to access your funds. As long as your credit card or bank card issued abroad is compatible with the popular NICE or CIRRUS networks, you can easily withdraw money using an ATM and your PIN code. Check with your bank or credit card company to find out what fees there are for foreign withdrawals. Banks frequently charge a currency exchange fee in addition to a flat fee for making a withdrawal.

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