FunTop 5 Amazon Prime Video Thrillers

Top 5 Amazon Prime Video Thrillers

On Amazon Prime Video there are thrillers that are very worthwhile. Below we have selected some of the best, all of them 100% recommended for a home theater plan.

The crooked house

A British film based on the novel by Agatha Christie . Aristides Leónides is the patriarch of a wealthy family of Greek origin. Shortly after her granddaughter introduces the family to her fiancé, the son of a Scotland detective, Aristides is found murdered.

The circle

One of the best thrillers on Amazon Prime Video is ‘The Circle’. Mae Holland is hired to work at the world’s largest Internet company, El Círculo . Using an innovative operating system, it creates virtual identities.

Summer ’84

A Canadian film that combines intrigue, thriller and horror in a fantastic way. In the summer of 1984, a conspiracy theorist begins to suspect that his neighbor might be the serial killer on the news. He and his three best friends start investigating, but their investigation quickly turns dangerous.

The perfect plan

This is one of the films that we most recommend watching, with very good ratings from both the public and the critics. It revolves around the duel between a policeman and a robber during a kidnapping with hostages at a bank in Manhattan . Suddenly a broker appears with a secret agenda that has been hired by the owner of the bank.

Escape plan 3

Security expert Ray Breslin is hired to rescue the daughter of a Hong Kong tech mogul . The young woman has been kidnapped and taken to a prison in Latvia. He and his team have to launch a rescue mission that makes them face the worst of enemies.

Train to Busan

And finally, ‘Train to Busan’, a South Korean movie that is having a lot of success on Amazon Prime Video. A deadly virus spreads rapidly through South Korea , causing violent altercations. Passengers on a train traveling from Seoul to Busan are forced to fight for their survival.

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