FunTop 5 Critically Rated Movies on Amazon Prime Video

Top 5 Critically Rated Movies on Amazon Prime Video

If your plan for this Sunday is to stay at home resting, you can take advantage of watching some of the movies with the highest critical ratings on Amazon Prime Video .

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ (1974) is a classic in movie history. The protagonists are five teenagers who visit the grave, which has supposedly been desecrated, of the grandfather of one of them . When they arrive at the place, where there is a most sinister slaughterhouse, the worst nightmare of his life begins.

Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark

A 1981 film that we recommend 100% if you like adventure and action. In 1936, Indiana Jones is a professor of archeology who is commissioned by the United States Government to search for the Ark of the Covenant . There the Tables of the Law are preserved and, according to legend, whoever has them in their power will dominate the world. But the Nazis are also after them.

The flight

Commander Whip Whitaker is considered a national hero after making an emergency landing in the middle of the field, saving a hundred passengers from certain death . But, when the investigation begins and it is found that the captain had excess alcohol in his blood, everything takes a 180 degree turn.

Kung Fu Panda

An animated film that in 2008 was nominated for the Oscar and Golden Globe Awards, and also won 10 Annie Awards. Po is a panda bear who lives in the Valley of Peace . When powerful enemies begin to approach, the only hope of salvation is an ancient prophecy that ensures that a hero will arrive.

The fraud

And finally, ‘The Fraud’. Tycoon Robert Miller sells the image of the perfect man in the professional and family sphere . But the reality is different: he has to sell his entire empire to a bank before it is discovered that he has committed fraud. In addition, he has an affair with a French art dealer. Suddenly, an unexpected mistake forces him to confront his double standards and his past.

These are the top critically rated movies on Amazon Prime Video , all highly recommended to watch on a Sunday afternoon and enjoy a home theater plan.

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