FunTypical Japanese dishes that you must try at least...

Typical Japanese dishes that you must try at least once in your life

If Japanese culture in general is one of the most particular and attractive in the world, what can be said about its gastronomy, one of which has managed to conquer diners from all continents. Write down the typical Japanese dishes that you must try.

So we bring you the recipes that have become traditional even thousands of miles away.

In this sense, and although it is likely that you already know at least a couple of them, we wanted to review typical Japanese dishes that you should try at least once in your life, considering that each one embodies part of the Japanese culinary art and that all, together, they will make you happy in the kitchen.

The Japanese dishes that we recommend trying if you haven’t done it yet


Sushi is the Japanese dish by definition and we have no doubt that you know it and have ever tried it, although you would be surprised to know the huge number of people who continue to have prejudices against it, among other things due to the use of raw fish or shellfish inside. of its preparation.

One of the things we like the most about sushi is its versatility, since it can be easily adapted to a vegetarian or vegan diet, with multiple options for all audiences.


Widespread throughout Asia, ramen is a hot dish based on noodles, which is usually accompanied with some meat, miso and soy sauce, and is served with other common garnishes but that vary according to the region, such as chives, nori seaweed, and even pork.


The relationship between the Japanese and the fruits of the sea is almost intrinsic, and sashimi is a good demonstration of this, an alternative to sushi that is slowly gaining ground.

We are talking about small pieces of fish , usually raw and fresh, cut into slices and which, as usual, combine very well with both wasabi and soy sauce.


Japanese cuisine is usually extremely healthy, but that does not mean that we cannot taste some frying, such as tempura, made from vegetables and seafood.

The key to this recipe, if you have ever tried to make it, is in its batter, which is prepared with wheat flour and the occasional extra ingredient, such as beer.

Miso soup

When we go to a Japanese restaurant, chances are good that miso soup is the entree. An exquisite dashi broth with cubes of tofu and miso paste, sometimes with mushrooms and radishes.

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