Do you know which is the most expensive hamburger in the world?

We show you the latest creation by Dutch chef Diego Buik, who claims to have created the most expensive hamburger in the world.

Typical Japanese dishes that you must try at least once in your life

You will like to discover what are the most popular and delicious typical Japanese dishes, beyond sushi and sashimi. They are delicious!

Scoville scale: this is the ranking of the spiciest foods in the world

The Scoville Scale is a measure of the heat in peppers, and the number of Scoville units indicates the amount of capsaicin it contains.

The barbecue, always to your liking thanks to technology

The barbecue season begins and that means, in addition to delicious and healthy food, meetings with family and friends. If you want to enjoy both equally, the best option is a smart barbecue that cooks as well as ever and with as much precision as ever.

Sparkles discovered around the Milky Way's black hole: What are they?

These are quasi-periodic flickers in millimeter waves that originate from the heart of our galaxy, from the black hole Sagitarius A *.

What is the difference between grilling and braising?

The two culinary techniques are based on the same fact: putting the food in the oven. We might think they are the same, but what is the difference?

What are the healthiest fish?

Two factors must be taken into account: they are rich in omega-3 fatty acid and have low levels of mercury, a toxic that accumulates in large species.

They create the first 'muffin' that lowers cholesterol

It contains beta-glucans, a plant compound that reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Princess Charlène of Monaco is not returning – she plans to do so instead

Princess Charlène of Monaco is still in South Africa due to illness. There she will apparently stay - and has already made big plans.

Gil Ofarim files charges of false suspicion – hotel makes decision

The singer Gil Ofarim accuses the employee of a hotel in Leipzig of anti-Semitism and files two criminal charges. The police are investigating.

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When is All Saints' Day?

All Saints' Day is a holiday in countries with a Christian tradition, including Spain. We tell you when it is celebrated and its history.

Volcanic lava on La Palma almost shoots the drone – German couple describes a dramatic rescue

Numerous existences have been destroyed by the volcanic eruption on La Palma. German emigrants are among those affected. You are faced with nothing.