FunDo you know which is the most expensive hamburger...

Do you know which is the most expensive hamburger in the world?

When we talk about the hamburger, it is one of those gastronomic options known throughout the world, one that has been popularized by the North American chains that we have all visited at some point, and that has experienced a boom in recent years, catering to the new alternatives and variants offered by the market. But what is the most expensive hamburger in the world ?

The truth is that with this diversification of the hamburger, which has gone from being just a fast food, to get out of trouble, to a highly celebrated gourmet preparation even in haute cuisine events, it is that something like a culture around the plate.

And we make this introduction because, recently, there has been a change in the records of the famous Guinness Book of Records, regarding this type of most expensive food in the world, achieving that first place The Golden Boy, as it was baptized by himself the brainchild of chef Robbert Jan De Veen, a Dutch owner of the De Daltons restaurant in Voorthuizen.

The first thing that catches the attention of this hamburger is, how could it be otherwise, its cost, of about $ 5,000 , which makes it the most inaccessible at an international level, surpassing others that reach that value but adding the drink. This is the most expensive hamburger in the world.

In the case of The Golden Boy , the mind behind this invention assures that it took him about five months to be satisfied with the work, which he has endowed with 100% wagyu meat, a bread that has Dom Pérignon champagne among its ingredients, and the special touch of other options.

Among the latter, it is worth highlighting some that would be worth it on their own, such as beluga caviar, Alaskan king crab or Spanish Iberian ham.

We could affirm, then, that it is a multiethnic recipe, which takes the best of many cultures around the world, and that results in a delicacy of 800 grams, as long as we count the bread, covered in gold and with nine hours of elaboration, smoked in whiskey.

One might assume, at this point, that tasting The Golden Boy shouldn’t be too complicated. And yet it is. A seat must be reserved two weeks in advance, paying an advance of about $ 800, which will be discounted after the final expense.

And you, how much would you be willing to pay for a hamburger?

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