NewsUnion sets world record in ice cream distribution

Union sets world record in ice cream distribution

If you have been to Lower Saxony in the last few hours, you might have been lucky: believe it or not, 75,000 portions of ice cream were given away there in 75 hours. A world record to click your tongue.

Wolfsburg – IG Metall Wolfsburg has set a world record for distributing ice cream. Hundreds of helpers in Lower Saxony gave away 75,000 portions of ice cream within 75 hours, as the record judge at the Record Institute for Germany, Olaf Kuchenbecker, confirmed.

He presented the union with the world record for “most ice cream servings distributed in 75 hours”.

75th birthday of IG Metall Wolfsburg

The occasion was the 75th birthday of IG Metall Wolfsburg. “It was really hard, but the exertion was worth it,” said union spokesman Jan Spekker and reported that there was very little sleep because the team had distributed ice cream even at night.

The previous record for distributing ice cream was set in January 2019 in Italy at an event, as Kuchenbecker said. At that time, 962 ice cream servings were distributed in one hour. The record institute extrapolated this value. With 75,000 servings in 75 hours, the previous record was clearly exceeded. According to the union spokesman, around 500 helpers took part to set the record.

According to its own statements, the record institute for Germany collects, tests and presents top performances of all kinds. Dpa

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