NewsVaccination campaign of the carnivalists: First spades at 11.11...

Vaccination campaign of the carnivalists: First spades at 11.11 a.m.

In order to be able to celebrate Carnival in Düsseldorf as much as possible, carnivalists were able to pick up a spade without an appointment at the Wagenbauhalle.

[Düsseldorf -] At an action by the Düsseldorf carnivalists, around 45 people had the corona vaccination administered. The immunization campaign started punctually on September 11th at 11.11 a.m. at the wagon building hall.

Where else artist Jacques Tilly designed the carriages for the Rose Monday procession, you could be vaccinated for four hours without prior notice. The carnivalists had also opened a vaccination station at a second location in Düsseldorf.

“Every vaccinated person is a success against the corona virus,” said the spokesman for the Carneval Committee, Hans-Peter Suchand. The range of people vaccinated ranged from a 13-year-old girl to a senior of almost 80 years. Some have already got the second vaccination, others have received their first spades. You could also be vaccinated for the second time in six weeks at the wagon building hall.

In Cologne, 185 people were vaccinated in a similar campaign at the end of August. In Düsseldorf there were guided tours through the wagon building hall, live music and free sausages. The higher the vaccination rate, the lower the restrictions for all traditional associations when planning and organizing their events, emphasized Düsseldorf’s Carnival President Michael Lrecken.

The Düsseldorf Jecken had already announced that they would use the 2G rule for events in closed rooms – only vaccinated or recovered guests would be allowed. One test would not be enough. [dpa]

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