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Veiled caesarean section: a baby is born in twin birth with the amniotic sac intact

A veiled or blanket delivery is one in which the baby is born inside the intact amniotic sac , just as it is inside the mother’s uterus during pregnancy, so much so that the baby does not know that it has come into the world even though it is no longer inside the her mother’s womb.

Veiled deliveries are usually rare and infrequent (it is estimated that one in every 80,000 deliveries), and the one we are going to share today is even more so, since it is a twin caesarean section, in which it was the second baby who born with the amniotic sac intact .

The images of this peculiar birth were shared on Twitter through a video on the Vinaros Health Department account. In it, you can see the moment in which the personnel who attended the delivery discovered with astonishment that the baby was born with a blanket .

The delivery room team at the @GVASalutVinaros Hospital attended a veiled caesarean section, something infrequent without risks for both the mother and the baby

A veiled birth consists of being born with the amniotic sac intact.

Congratulations to the @AnaTeijelo team and congratulations to the family

Today at the Vinaròs hospital we had a veiled caesarean section (2 twins) and here you can see the enthusiasm of the participants “, commented the gynecologist who attended the birth, Ana Teijelo, in another tweet on her personal account.

In addition to the video, the doctor has shared some photographs that they took before and after breaking the amniotic bag , also commenting that it is the first veiled cesarean section that she has seen:

Veiled births, in addition to being something that rarely happens, give us an idea of what life is like for the baby and its movements when it is inside the mother’s womb .

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